W.H.O. gets cancer?

Written by Simon Mitchell

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W.H.O. treatment priorities Early detection improves chances of survival, but WHO stress 'only when linked to effective treatment'. The WHO want to increase our awareness ofrepparttar signs and symptoms of cancer and help set up regular screening of apparently healthy individuals.

Accurate diagnosis of cancer isrepparttar 147755 first step to effective management. Care of cancer patients starts with recognition of some kind of abnormality inrepparttar 147756 body, followed by a visit to a health care facility for diagnosis. Once a diagnosis is confirmed thenrepparttar 147757 disease is 'staged'. The patient might be referred to a specialist cancer treatment centre.

Orthodox treatment forrepparttar 147758 cancer is likely to involve a mixture of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormonal therapy and surgery. The primary objectives of cancer treatment are: cure,repparttar 147759 prolongation of life and improvement ofrepparttar 147760 quality of life.

Survival rates Survival rates in standard treatments vary according torepparttar 147761 variety of cancer. For examplerepparttar 147762 advanced treatment of cancer ofrepparttar 147763 uterine corpus, breast, testis, and melanoma may produce a 5-year survival rate of 75% or more. Survival rates in cancer ofrepparttar 147764 pancreas, liver, stomach, and lung are generally less than 15%. Because ofrepparttar 147765 nature of cancer, many patients present themselves with advanced disease. The only realistic treatment for these patients is pain relief and palliative care. For insurance purposes, cancer is often regarded as incurable.

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WILD WATERCRESS SOUP (Nasturtium Officinale)

Written by Simon Mitchell

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INGREDIENTS: Pickrepparttar watercress from clean water areas by pinching outrepparttar 147754 tops ofrepparttar 147755 plants. Uprooting them will destroy this resource for everyone. Gather a good handful for each person who will be sharing this delicious spring treat. Other ingredients for a soup for 4 people are:

2 large potatoes generous knob of butter dash of olive oil (to prevent butter burning) stock cube (chicken or vegetable) salt and freshly ground pepper single cream

1. Peel and cuberepparttar 147756 potatoes and cook them gently inrepparttar 147757 oil and butter until they are starting to soften. 2. Add boiling water and dissolverepparttar 147758 stock cube. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. 3. Coarsely choprepparttar 147759 watercress and add torepparttar 147760 mix for about 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. 4. Liquidise and add in some single cream to taste. Salt and pepper to taste. 5. Use some purchased raw watercress leaves and pepper to garnish.

This nutritious soup is warming when hot and a refreshing summer soup when served cold. Watercress is part ofrepparttar 147761 Nasturtium family whose peppery leaves are well known for their nutraceutical value.
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