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If you walked into a furniture store and found that room groups were unmatched, fabrics were torn, andrepparttar sales staff ended every sentence in a preposition, would you stay long? Would you be impressed enough withrepparttar 129829 business to make a major purchase? Probably not. For most people,repparttar 129830 story isrepparttar 129831 same with a haphazard, disorganized, unintelligent website. They won't stay long, and they won't had over any money.

Before publishing your site for millions to see, make sure it's been thoroughly reviewed by someone who knowsrepparttar 129832 language and knows what a good website should look like. If you have inventory, make sure you include detailed photos (front and back) that customers can click on and enlarge. If what you're trying to sell is a service, be sure to provide testimonials, references, and links to previous work.

Most mistakes really can be eliminated with just a bit of caution. Instead of reading quickly through your copy before posting it, get out a red pen and go through it slowly and carefully. Then, have someone else do it a second time. When your credibility is onrepparttar 129833 line, you can't be too careful.

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Each discipline has its own language

Written by John Warzecha

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There is an interesting commercial on television that deals with advanced networking capabilities that will allow inter-office and inter- branch communications. The president ofrepparttar company comes up torepparttar 129827 resident computer programmer and asks him to justifyrepparttar 129828 expense using less than 10 words. The programmer stops for about 10 seconds and answers thatrepparttar 129829 bottom line will be improved by 15% in less than one year. It was very simple, short and straight torepparttar 129830 point. There was no technical jargon, bafflegab or technical rhetoric. The justification forrepparttar 129831 added expense was inrepparttar 129832 explanation. The commercial was extremely effective because it showed that, despiterepparttar 129833 complexity ofrepparttar 129834 business applications,repparttar 129835 solutions are very straightforward and simple.

When discussing computers or web-sites one can read about "incorporating CSS, DHTML, Flash, Shockwave, VRML, Java into your site, plus by using SQL/mySQL, php3, ASP, javascript can addrepparttar 129836 ability to collate customer database information and add e-commerce abilities."

Translated this means that "you can incorporate amazing multi-media and interactivity into your site, plus by using our highly skilled team we can make it easy for you to see who your customers are, plus allow them to order your products on-line".

Inrepparttar 129837 same way when selling equipment you can advertise that you can purchase a "12.1 active matrix laptop, 16+colours, with an AGP graphics controller, and a 2.5 MB of SGRAM video memory! What's more - it includesrepparttar 129838 L2 Cache running atrepparttar 129839 full clock speed, plus TWO extra PCMCIA slots so you can add a modem for instant Internet gaming!"

Again this can be translated into "Purchase our amazing laptop with brilliant colours, and exceptionally smooth graphics for playing games. What's more- it can include extra memory to run games extremely fast, plus you can add extra functions such as a modem to connect torepparttar 129840 Internet where you can play against other people."

There willl alway be room forrepparttar 129841 technical jargon forrepparttar 129842 individual who wants it. Afterrepparttar 129843 purchaser has been attracted torepparttar 129844 product by gaining a straight-forward understanding of its capabilities, then, if he desires it,repparttar 129845 technical capabilities can be covered by referring torepparttar 129846 specifications. Technical jargon, or statistical specifications, are not necessary to sellrepparttar 129847 capabilities of a product or a service, but only to explain it and to validate any claims that have been made.

John Warzecha, who holds a teaching degree, a B.A., and an M.A., is V.P. of Communications at Wyka-Warzecha Enterprises, http://www.wyka-warzecha.com, a site devoting to helping website designers achieve amazing designing achievements.

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