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Finallyrepparttar conflict ended and there was peace The rumble of bombs and noise of gunfire did cease Inrepparttar 137556 Biblerepparttar 137557 Lord speaks of times of peace and war Victory was won and World War II was no more

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The Sikh British Army - VE Celebrations Birmingham

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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Duringrepparttar Second World War this action was repeated. Even though there was now a quest for Indian Independencerepparttar 137392 British Indian Army grew from 189,000 atrepparttar 137393 start ofrepparttar 137394 war to over 2.5 million through voluntary recruitment and a large proportion of those were Sikh. At no other time in history has a foreign army this large been voluntarily mobilised to fight for a foreign land as if it were their own country. The significance of this should not be underestimated.

In 1944, Sikh Soldiers haltedrepparttar 137395 advance ofrepparttar 137396 Japanese in Burma and prevented them from invading India. Four VCs were awarded in this campaign.

Asrepparttar 137397 British Empire came to a close many Sikhs were encouraged to settle inrepparttar 137398 UK. Their loyalty, hard work ethics and historic connection withrepparttar 137399 British should be remembered. Many Sikh families in Birmingham are direct descendents of those who put so much into this country.

Of course, there were also millions of Russians who died inrepparttar 137400 Second World War. One might argue thatrepparttar 137401 Russians wonrepparttar 137402 war and that without them things would have been significantly different. Then of course there arerepparttar 137403 100,000 Gurkhas who fought in World War I andrepparttar 137404 40 battalions of Gurkhas inrepparttar 137405 Second World War. What ofrepparttar 137406 Polish who valiantly fought duringrepparttar 137407 Battle of Britain and those from other nations who out of Patriotism and loyalty, came from oversees to enlist, and often die, in order that we might enjoy our freedom today.

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