Written by Rhoberta Shaler

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Have you ever hadrepparttar experience of thinking that you cannot begin a project until you have everything that you could possibly need before you start?

What could you do right now withrepparttar 101877 things you have at hand? What changes could you make in your life right now just by deciding to do so? We do not have to wait until we lose twenty pounds, clean out our basements and garages, and take back our library books, to move ourselves forward, although those things make admirable and important beginnings, too. You can do things simultaneously, can't you? You can follow Ernest Hemmingway’s advice: “Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is.”

For today, if you find yourself saying "I would like to do that if only I had _______ or if only I was _____", or anything close to that, change your focus. Ask yourself, "What steps could I take right now towards what I want to bring into my life, using my present skills, talents, desires and resources?" It's a great place to begin.

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Does Higher Intelligence Know How To Find You at Work or at Home?

Written by Susan James

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Our Higher Self just watches us bang around that maze, until we finally go, ok. I give up. I allow my higher self, my higher intelligence to help guide me through this maze, because he/she, hasrepparttar view from aboverepparttar 101876 maze.

Have you reached this point yet? Do you even acknowledge thatrepparttar 101877 spirit side of you, knows allrepparttar 101878 answers, and sees things from an overall view?

If you find this turns into a battle with your ego, to recognize this, then simply ask for your ego to help you. The nature ofrepparttar 101879 ego, is control, especially if ego thinks it's about to lose it.

So, simply recognize your ego forrepparttar 101880 good attributes that it brings you. It's part of your drive, your ambition. Ask your ego, to assist you in this maze, in this situation, and in no way do you intend to try and push your ego away. You choose instead to further compliment your life withrepparttar 101881 aid of your ego.

Does your higher intelligence,repparttar 101882 smarter side of you, of whichrepparttar 101883 personality side of you doesn't think it'srepparttar 101884 smarter side...does that higher self, know how to reach you?

It's easy, you know. You just ask. And if you don't know how to ask, then say that. Your HS knows your heart. Just ask inrepparttar 101885 best way that you can.

Thenrepparttar 101886 maze doesn't hurt quite so much if ever. And that feels mighty good ! (end/sj)

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