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Keep Them Focused

Keep your new representatives focused, do not let them get sidetracked. Keep them focused on their next prospect, and their organization growth. Distractions can destroy a new representatives momentum, and one destroyed, it can be very hart to get rolling again.

Help Them Make a Prospect List

The most important step after getting them signed up, is to have them make a prospect list or call list of everybody they know. Help them do this ask questions to help them remember more people. Do not let them prejudge anyone! Start with people locally and work your way out, until you have a list of everybody they know. Then have them list phone numbers for each person onrepparttar list. If they don’t know a number, have them write down where they can find that person. Remember: The value of any person isrepparttar 122473 people they know.

Teach Them How to Contact Prospects

Typically your company will have a preferred way for you to contact prospects. Teach this method to your new representatives. Role play with them, show them how it’s done, have them practice inviting you. Teach them how to avoid questions and overcome objections. DO NOT let them do a invite in person, always have them do it overrepparttar 122474 phone . Above all teach them that Less is more. DO NOT let them try to sellrepparttar 122475 business. In other words don’t let them go home and try to explainrepparttar 122476 business to their friends and family. This is a recipe for disaster.

Use Three Way Calls

Help your new people invite with three way calls. This is where your new person calls up their prospect begins to invite them, edifies you, and then calls you on three way with their prospect to closerepparttar 122477 deal. This is highly effective, and limitsrepparttar 122478 amount of unsuccessful invites, meaning more prospects are willing to come check outrepparttar 122479 opportunity. Never leave recruiting to chance!

Use Vision

Use Vision to keep their eye onrepparttar 122480 PRIZE and not onrepparttar 122481 small time setbacks. Make light of challenges and setbacks, let them know that you must fail before you can succeed.

“Opportunity is limitless. Where there is an open mind, there will always be a frontier.” – Charles F. Kettering

Tanner Larsson is a veteran entrepreneur and the publisher of the award winning Work At Home Success Newsletter. Subscribe to his newsletter and recieve 4 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses valued at $276.


Written by Tanner Larsson

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When sorting new recruits, always recruit up. Look forrepparttar “Center of Influence” in any group. There is usually a person whorepparttar 122472 others look to for guidance and support. In any group, family or organization there is a person that attracts others. Find that person and take action. They will bring inrepparttar 122473 rest of their group… recruitrepparttar 122474 chief, andrepparttar 122475 Indians will follow. Another question to ask yourself is: “Who would be better in this business than myself?” Find an answer then go get that person. Number yourself on a scale of 1 to 10. If you are a 5, find a 7 and recruit them. If you do, a 7 will find a 9…and a 9 will find a 10. History proves your best representatives will come four or five deep in your organization. Your actions should lead you to people of great desire…and so on.

Be aware! Don’t confuse this concept withrepparttar 122476 mistaken idea that you should recruit only high income earning pros. Ifrepparttar 122477 past isrepparttar 122478 best determinant of future success, then we would never go after anyone new. We would spin our wheels trying to get people who are already successful in business. Keep in mind; MLM is far different fromrepparttar 122479 structure of corporate America. What works in their world does not work at all in network marketing.

Keep aware. There are many successful people who lack desire and willingness to become humble and learn a new system from scratch. Many individuals do not haverepparttar 122480 work ethic to put inrepparttar 122481 hard work needed to be profitable. Look for desire inrepparttar 122482 heart.

Tanner Larsson is a veteran entrepreneur and the publisher of the award winning Work At Home Success Newsletter. Subscribe to his newsletter and recieve 4 EXCLUSIVE Bonuses valued at $276.

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