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The capitalist oriented economies also do not help matters. Desire for profits does not allow forrepparttar distribution of food torepparttar 132635 needy. Do you even know that some governments pay farmers not to over produce so as not to reduce prices? Even in an attempt not to create surpluses, large quantities of food have been destroyed!

Andrepparttar 132636 war refugees andrepparttar 132637 hungry meanwhile, are selling their children to survive! No thanks to greed and materialism. Add to this, natural disasters like a major earthquake or hurricane in a densely populated area, andrepparttar 132638 doomsday clock strikes midnight!

Sorepparttar 132639 problem is not really withrepparttar 132640 earth, but man. The earth’s land area of over 36 billion acres can still accommodate 15 billion people. This would allow each person to own two acres of land with enough garden to grow food, and space for forests, mountains, and holiday resorts. Well, that’srepparttar 132641 good side ofrepparttar 132642 story.

Now torepparttar 132643 bad side. Supposerepparttar 132644 world’s population hits repparttar 132645 trillion or zillion! What would happen?

The possibility is not far fetched. Medical advances have reduced infant mortality rates and have greatly increased longevity. Add to this, human cloning and biocryonics, and you will discover that one day allrepparttar 132646 dead may resurrect from their graves in land and sea.

If that happens, a classic example ofrepparttar 132647 survival ofrepparttar 132648 fittest will be on display. Allrepparttar 132649 earth’s resources will be exhausted!

Then since there will be no space on earth to live, some will live on tree tops, mountain peaks, caves and hanging gardens. Some will build floating houses and live inrepparttar 132650 sea, while others will build and live in orbiting space houses.

As for food; leaves, insects, and worms will be their delicacies. Andrepparttar 132651 vast beckoning seas will quenchrepparttar 132652 thirst of water drinkers.

But when these are no longer in supply, they will turn on one another likerepparttar 132653 story of those lost, starving sailors who killed and ate up themselves. Population explosion has done its worst.


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ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer inrepparttar 132655 World, isrepparttar 132656 author ofrepparttar 132657 best - selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER. Download your copy and FREE excerpt at : http://www.1stbooks.com/bookview/10975. For FREE writing helps, mailto : controversialwriter@yahoo.com

ARTHUR ZULU, The Most Controversial Writer in the World, is the author of the best - selling book, HOW TO WRITE A BEST-SELLER.


Written by Laura Quarantiello

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Tell your children who you would send to pick them up in an emergency or when you simply can’t be there. Set up a code word that a person legitimately sent to pick up your child can use to prove it’s OK to go with them.

Don’t focus their fear on strangers. Remember, many abductors are known by their victims. Instead, teach them about inappropriate behavior or actions

Give you child permission to say no to an adult if inappropriate touching or other actions occur.

Warn your kids not to answerrepparttar door or telephone if they are home alone.

Ifrepparttar 132632 unthinkable happens and you discover that your child is missing, here’s what you should do:

Reportrepparttar 132633 disappearance to your local law enforcement immediately. It’s important to get authorities involved quickly.

Ask that your child’s information be entered intorepparttar 132634 National Crime Information Computer (NCIC).

Search your home including closets and other hiding places.

Call your neighbors, friends and any nearby relatives to make sure your child isn’t with one of them.

Contactrepparttar 132635 National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for further information and assistance. (1-800-843-5678).


Freelance writer Laura Quarantiello hates crime and those who perpetrate It. That’s why she wrote the personal security/family safety handbook“On Guard – How to Win the War Against the Bad Guys.” More aboutthis informational shield can be found at: http://www.tiare.con/onguard.htm

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