WILD WATERCRESS SOUP (Nasturtium Officinale)

Written by Simon Mitchell

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INGREDIENTS: Pickrepparttar watercress from clean water areas by pinching outrepparttar 147754 tops ofrepparttar 147755 plants. Uprooting them will destroy this resource for everyone. Gather a good handful for each person who will be sharing this delicious spring treat. Other ingredients for a soup for 4 people are:

2 large potatoes generous knob of butter dash of olive oil (to prevent butter burning) stock cube (chicken or vegetable) salt and freshly ground pepper single cream

1. Peel and cuberepparttar 147756 potatoes and cook them gently inrepparttar 147757 oil and butter until they are starting to soften. 2. Add boiling water and dissolverepparttar 147758 stock cube. Simmer for 10-15 minutes. 3. Coarsely choprepparttar 147759 watercress and add torepparttar 147760 mix for about 7 minutes, stirring occasionally. 4. Liquidise and add in some single cream to taste. Salt and pepper to taste. 5. Use some purchased raw watercress leaves and pepper to garnish.

This nutritious soup is warming when hot and a refreshing summer soup when served cold. Watercress is part ofrepparttar 147761 Nasturtium family whose peppery leaves are well known for their nutraceutical value.
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Written by Simon Mitchell

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Experiments in high-energy particle physics andrepparttar new field of quantum physics show us that nearly all matter is energy. In some sense we are made from 'frozen light'. As beings of energy we are influenced by and can be treated by energy and modern medicine is all too slowly realising this.

Medical science, alternative medicine and quantum science are merging in a few specific places. For example M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) as mentioned previously, placesrepparttar 147753 patient in a strong magnetic field that passes waves throughrepparttar 147754 body. The computer creates an image by analysing changes inrepparttar 147755 magnetic alignment ofrepparttar 147756 hydrogen protons in our cells. This is essentially an 'energy imager' but is used only for physical diagnosis.

A key principle behind M.R.I. is thatrepparttar 147757 atoms under study (hydrogen) are being stimulated byrepparttar 147758 transfer of energy of a specific frequency. The energy is only absorbed byrepparttar 147759 atom if it is of a particular resonant frequency. Systems which produce frequencies that resonate withrepparttar 147760 biological phenomena being studied haverepparttar 147761 greatest chance of successfully imaging indicators of disease. M.R.I. promises much new diagnostic information aboutrepparttar 147762 body, showing even more detailed cellular pictures of structure and function. It is still looking at only physical molecular imaging - a sophisticated application of a Newtonian philosophy.

Cancer is already treated by radiation therapy,repparttar 147763 application of gamma rays which can be focused at certain depths within a patient. This is used in a 'Newtonian science' way - primarily to destroyrepparttar 147764 lump. Any notions of vibrational levels that resonate withrepparttar 147765 patient are unresearched, because this aspect of us doesn't exist to Western scientific medicine.

What is needed now are imaging systems that allow healers to look torepparttar 147766 level of energetic causes of illness and not justrepparttar 147767 biochemical abnormalities accompanying established disease. Truly preventative medicine awaits an imaging system that will prove to doctors that there is more to human beings than mere flesh and blood.

Devices capable of sensing vibrations in a person are appearing, one such uses voice analysis to identify missing frequencies. Practitioners are astounded atrepparttar 147768 accuracy of their findings andrepparttar 147769 speed of results in supplying that frequency to a patient. This tool is allowing switched-on energy workers to heal without having to diagnose, becauserepparttar 147770 treatment gets torepparttar 147771 energy root problem directly.

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