Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

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Your work that you considered perfect was and still is perfect for its space in time. Look with inspiration at people who face graver challenges and you will find that their very example motivates you to cherish your perfect article or book and be proud of it. Today is a new day, and yesterday’s prefect book may need a little dusting, or polishing to meet your perfect stamp of approval for today.

Perfection is what you perceive it as, and this holds true for every other person inrepparttar world. It may not be one person’s idea of perfection, sorepparttar 129636 job at hand is to match your perfection withrepparttar 129637 publisher or editor who will consider it “perfection” whenrepparttar 129638 right moment in time comes along.

The only mistake you can make will be to give up and quit. Quitting is nobody’s idea of perfection and it will never be. If you quit, it is failure - right down to that last sentence, that last period. The ONLY time you fail is when you quit. Your article or book can never be givenrepparttar 129639 chance to be perfect to anyone at anytime. You wrote “The End” and closedrepparttar 129640 cover. ©Arleen M. Kaptur

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Use Real-Life Templates For Writing Success

Written by Shaun Fawcett

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Would you please report as soon as possible to Jim Jackson, Chief of Human Resources so thatrepparttar details of your appointment may be properly documented.

Congratulations Jessica! All of us here at MedWay Systems Inc. look forward to continuing to work with you inrepparttar 129635 future.


Sharon Smithson Manager, Customer Support Group


Clearly,repparttar 129636 "model" that most of us would rather work with, if we had to write a similar letter, is definitelyrepparttar 129637 second one,repparttar 129638 "real-life" template.

You can relate to it. It talks about real-life people in a real-life situation that you can identify with. And, you get to see exactly how a professional worded it.

There are other advantages to "real-life" templates.

Fully-Formatted Final Versions: "Real-life" templates are fully-formatted as final documents so that you can see exactly how they looked when they were sent out in a "real-life" situation. They don't look like some kind of "draft" form letter.

Content With Value: Working with "real-life" templates, it is much easier to adapt them to YOUR actual situations because they give you visual and intellectual cues that you can relate to.

Naturally, when you see how a copywriter or consultant has dealt with a "real-life" scenario, in terms of word choice, context, and punctuation, it is much easier to adapt torepparttar 129639 real-life situation that you are writing for. In that way,repparttar 129640 actual content has value.

Easy To Work With: "Real-life" templates are just as easy to work with as other templates. You simply load them into your word processing program and edit and adjust them to fit your own specific situation. Presto! You have a fully formatted real-life letter ready to be printed and sent out inrepparttar 129641 mail.

You also haverepparttar 129642 comfort of knowing that what you are sending has already been used in other "real-life" situations.

Real-Life Content: With real-life templates, it is much easier to find an adaptable "fit" forrepparttar 129643 situation you are writing for. Not only do they give yourepparttar 129644 final format of a document, their content provides an excellent real-life sample and gives food-for-thought to assist you inrepparttar 129645 writing process.


For illustration purposes, here are a couple of sample "real-life" letter templates and one "real-life" resume template from my Writing Help Central web site:


http://www.writinghelp-central.com hank-you-letter.html


Now I ask you, would you rather work from a "fill-in-the- blanks" generic template. or a fully-formatted "real-life" template?

Shaun Fawcett is webmaster of writinghelp-central.com and author of the new eBook "Instant Home Writing Kit". His FREE e-mail COURSE "Tips and Tricks For Writing Success", offers valuable tips on home/business writing. Sign-up for FREE at: http://www.instanthomewritingkit.com/free-course.html

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