Written by Donald B. Kramer

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creditors. The law firms listed are in bothrepparttar retail (consumer) and commercial (business) collection areas. Most work is on a contingent fee basis. Viewingrepparttar 119313 directory is without charge. Listings include e-mail and website links. A DIRECTORY OF COLLECTION AGENCIES can be seen at http://www.eCollectionAgencies.com for those whose claims are too small to sue, or who desirerepparttar 119314 services of a collection agency. This directory is also viewable without charge, with listings including e-mail and website links. For legal assistance in other areas of law, you are welcome to search: THE MARTINDALE DIRECTORY at http://www.Martindale.com THE WEST DIRECTORY at http://www.LawOffice.com "ATTORNEYFIND" at http://www.Attorneyfind.com

Donald B. Kramer, Esq., President of the St.Louis Collection Law Firm of Kramer & Frank, P.C. Questions are welcome when directed to Don@lawusa.com

What's more important than the money in any contract you sign?

Written by Douglas Smith

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Don't turn down business. Often if you get a lawyer involved they do more to killrepparttar deal than help it. I suggest creating an escape hatch for an emergency.

There is another advantage in asking that question. Not only are you in a hurry to makerepparttar 119312 deal, but so isrepparttar 119313 other guy. In fact if you ask yourself, "How do I get out of this if things turn sour?" and you do not like repparttar 119314 answer you are reading, turn it to your advantage. Make a subtle suggestion to changerepparttar 119315 wording. The other guy will usually makerepparttar 119316 change if it does not look too bad because he is also is in a rush to makerepparttar 119317 deal.

In another article I will write about guerilla tactics to modifyrepparttar 119318 terms of those "Sorry I can't change it" preprinted form contracts people make you sign.

Douglas Smith is a Boston attorney. Practicing for over seven years, he was formerly a corporate counsel and is currently retained by a governmental agency to monitor the compliance of a billion-dollar restitution program being conducted by a major U.S. corporation. Contact him for a few complimentary suggestions. http://lawfirm.webjump.com

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