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The moral ofrepparttar story is don't makerepparttar 134776 same mistake on your website. Include your full contact details, make it blindingly obvious where they're located, and above all make it easy for people to contact you.

Don't worry, you won't have a queue of clients forming outside your front door, or ringing you up at all hours ofrepparttar 134777 day and night. What you probably will have, is more trusting clients, safe inrepparttar 134778 knowledge that they know where you live and can 'sendrepparttar 134779 boys round' to knee cap you if you stiff them. No sorry! Got a little carried away there.

Including your full contact details on your website, i.e. name, position, email, telephone and fax numbers, and mailing address, will help your clients to have a little more trust in you. By identifying yourself, they can hopefully see that your not some 'fly by night' who's going to do a 'moonlit flit' before they get their goods. You're not are you?

Also, onrepparttar 134780 even more positive side, next time someone like me comes along ready to offer you a stonking great joint venture deal that's going to make us loads and loads of wonga, they'll be able to find you won't they?

Be successful.

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The First Step

Written by Jesse Seymour

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Now that we have our site's purpose and our site's objectives all written down and planned out, you are going to have to keep that sheet of paper next to your computer in plain sight at all times. Every time you do something on your computer, I want you to ask your self, "Is this helping my site accomplish its objectives and fulfill its purpose?" If you answer no, then you should think about finding something that will make you answer "yes" to that question.

File/Folder Order

Another thing we should do before we move on is to determine how our files and our folders will be stored. Here we have several options, we can put everything in one folder, we can have a images folder and put allrepparttar HTML files one folder, or we can have every major section of our site in its own subfolder with each subfolder having its own images folder.

Putting everything in one folder works great for small sites, but when your site reaches 500+ pages, updatingrepparttar 134775 site is going to become a pain. Findingrepparttar 134776 page to update will be a big task in itself, let alone updatingrepparttar 134777 whole site because you added a new section.

Having one images folder and putting allrepparttar 134778 HTML in one folder works a little bit better, but once again, updatingrepparttar 134779 site is going to be time consuming.

The best way, in my opinion, is to put every major section ofrepparttar 134780 site within its own folder. That way, whenever you need to update something, you will know exactly where it is. You won't have to waste time by hunting through many files trying to findrepparttar 134781 right one.

Looking back now, you should be glad that you didn't just jump intorepparttar 134782 code. A lot of work has to go into a site before even one line of code can be written. There are many more steps ahead before we start coding our site. The Second Step deals with colors and navigation of your site.

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