Written by Dmitry Nanev

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OK. But that’s not all about placing and changing ads in your ebook. Just think what will happen if your ebook is owned by 10 000 people. I’ll tell you what will happen – everybody will want to place an ad in your ebook so thatrepparttar world will get known about him/her. That means only one thing – BIG PROFITS for you.

Now let’s see one more way of using this “refreshing strategy”. It’s very simple – update it. Yes, that’s right! Add new information, new lessons, etc. That’s how your ebook will become even more interactive. People will buy it, because they will know that will get updates, that they’ll be up-to-date!!!

The POSSIBILITIES ofrepparttar 108546 ebook are COUNTLESS. Just use your imagination

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3 Reasons eBook Publishers Need AutoResponders

Written by David Hallum

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Here are some ofrepparttar features they offer:

*Instant, reliable delivery (in only 10 to 30 seconds!)

*Unlimited, reliable follow ups (up to 5, even 10 times!)

*Unlimited message length

*Unlimited message changes

*Control Panel Interface is easy and simple

*Powerful personalization features

*Database of your prospects' e-mail addresses

*Powerful mailing list management features

*AOL and WebTV friendly

Let's see your prospects' request your information via e-mail and they get it in a matter of seconds.

Then their names and e-mail addresses will be added to your database and thenrepparttar 108545 system schedules delivery ofrepparttar 108546 next follow up messages (at a time you decide on forrepparttar 108547 next follow-up message to go out) all automatically.

This is a completely FREE service and very easy to set up. After you're done setting it up, your ebook marketing machine will be working for you 24-7. Still think ebook publishers don't need autoresponders?

Forrepparttar 108548 name ofrepparttar 108549 company that offer this service and to get more ebook marketing ideas. Why not join our email discussion group "Ebook Talk" by going to my web site at: http://ebooknews.netfirms.com

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