Written by Bob Garner

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. Take what you believe to be is “your passion” and break it down to your core passion. Ask yourself, “What arerepparttar true feelings or emotions behind my passion.” Usingrepparttar 140765 two examples from above, you may like to paint; however how do you feel when someone else admires or purchases your work? When you make your deals, do you feel super when you leaverepparttar 140766 office knowing (hopefully) that both sides were happy withrepparttar 140767 result and that you have not only helped them achieve their goals, but also your own goals and/or those of your business or company?

Delve deep into your thoughts and ask yourself, “How does my passion affect other people? How can others benefit from my passion?” You might find a renewed sense of passion for your passion.

A successful entrepreneur for over 20 years, Bob Garner is the author of "Masters of Motivation" which has been called a “blueprint for success.” The creator of a number of CDs that have empowered thousands, Bob writes for numerous business magazines and speaks extensively worldwide on motivation and success. Sign up now for his free monthly newsletter called "Personal Success" at http://www.bobgarneronline.com.

Why To-Do Lists Don't Work

Written by Steve Gillman

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A Better To-Do List

Prioritise your list. You can putrepparttar more important things atrepparttar 140724 top, or put a mark next to them. Then start doingrepparttar 140725 important things first every day. If, like myself, you need repparttar 140726 satisfaction of crossing offrepparttar 140727 small things onrepparttar 140728 list, do those only as a reward - after you do one ofrepparttar 140729 important tasks.

Make surerepparttar 140730 most important things get on your lists. That big trip to Nepal you're going to take "someday," may never happen until you break it into steps you can put on your list. In fact, it may be worthwhile to stop list-making altogether, until you clarify what IS important to you.

To break my list-dependency, I put things on my list just so I can ignore them to do more important things. You don't want to just "get busy," do you? If you want to move towards real values, you need to make your to-do lists work for you. Put that on your list for today.

Steve Gillman writes on many self help topics including boosting brainpower, losing weight, meditation, habits of mind, creative problem solving, learning gratitude, generating luck and anything related to self improvement. You'll find more at http://www.SelfImprovementNow.com

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