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* Also keep a record of your writing expenses - forrepparttar tax man. Any expenditure you incur in producing income from your writing is usually deductible from your taxable income. I'm sounding like an accountant now - sorry! More on this subject in a later lesson.

* Have a clippings file of things that interest you . . . because those arerepparttar 129906 things you are likely to write about some day inrepparttar 129907 future. I keep them on about ten different subjects, from stress torepparttar 129908 South African economy (which leads to more stress!).

* Handy! Keep a note book handy by your bed. We often get our most creative ideas whilst sleeping when repparttar 129909 mind is relaxed. I used to wake up with a great idea inrepparttar 129910 middle ofrepparttar 129911 night. EUREKA! ... but by morning it was forgotten. You can even use a small tape recorder. I have resorted to taking my dictaphone. I get lots of funny looks, but at least it stops me having to turn back before I forget my inspirational thought forrepparttar 129912 day. GETTING STARTED Now we have allrepparttar 129913 tools, time to get started. I believe repparttar 129914 best training for new writers is to write as often and as much as you can. So write about ANYTHING that tickles your fancy.It doesn't matter, as long as you WRITE. It is practice and experience (and life experiences) that counts. Asrepparttar 129915 tourist in New York asked : "How do I get to Carnegie Hall?" andrepparttar 129916 cabbie replied: "Practice, mate (orrepparttar 129917 Yankee equivalent of this New Zealand and Australian expression), practice, practice." When I look at my first manuscripts, I can clearly see how much my writing has improved inrepparttar 129918 last six years. At least I think so! What else can you write about? (Can I end a sentence with a "preppie"?) * Write letters. This is becoming a forgotten art. * You could also keep a daily diary, or journal. Write about your thoughts, your feelings, your daily experiences, your hopes your fears, your dreams. Doing this regularly hones your writing skills. * You can take courses at universities, colleges, polytechnics, or this one. As well asrepparttar 129919 course content, I think that writing courses have a definite social function; because they keep you in touch with other like-minded people... and always remember writing is such a solitary occupation. Hope I'm still a little bit sane then, after all these years writing in solitary 'confinement'! Happy writing and stay sane Craig Lock

Craig Lock Creative Writing Course http://www.nzenterprise.com/writer/creative.html The various books* that I "felt inspired to write" are available at: http://www.novelty-gift.com/ and http://www.bridgeniche.com

Four FREE Tools Help Aspiring Writers

Written by Cheryl Paquin

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Journalist Express is at http://journalistexpress.com don't miss this site, it's great. The owners of this site are also working on WiredJournalist where you can send news links and tips to your wireless phone.

Writer's Digest Book Club Although not technically totally free,repparttar Writer's Digest Book Club currently has a special offer, where you can join by buying one book for $11.99 and receive two others free. Joiningrepparttar 129904 club is one way to build up your own instructional library. I signed up a few months ago, and bought a grammar book, a guide to freelance writing andrepparttar 129905 Writer's Market 2000 for about $17 (included shipping). No aspiring writer should be withoutrepparttar 129906 Writer's Market guide not only does it have information on thousands of markets to sell your writing, it also has interesting articles, explainingrepparttar 129907 ins and outs of contracts, rights and publishing. This book itself sells for around $27.99. If you joinrepparttar 129908 book club, you are under no obligation to buy a certain amount each year. Information aboutrepparttar 129909 club and a list of books can be found at: http://www.writersdigest.com/wdbc/index.htm (You always receive a free gift for joining).

The Writer's Digest Web site at http://www.writersdigest.com, has links to Hot Markets and competitions for writers. There is lots of good information at this site, which is additional torepparttar 129910 Writer's Digest magazine.

That's it just some great, free resources for writers. Check them out!

C.S. Paquin is a nationally published writer in both the business and humor markets. Cheryl has a Master Of Arts in Journalism and has been writing freelance for over five years. She contributes regularly to regional publications in Minnesota. She is the owner and editor of www.WritersLounge.com, a site for creative nonfiction and essay writers. Enter the 'I Wannabe Erma' Essay Contest at www.WritersLounge.com/competition.html. mailto:editor@writerslounge.com

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