Written by Miles J. Nixon

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Monitoring services can't assure you that your site will be financially successful, but they will help you maximizerepparttar quality, which is vital to any successful web site and web strategy.

Listed below is a checklist of things to consider when selecting and purchasing online monitoring services.

1.How isrepparttar 132075 service provider connected torepparttar 132076 Internet? 2.How reliable isrepparttar 132077 monitoring services? Is it truly 24 x 7? 3.Is this their core business or is it an add-on to other web based services? 4.Call or email their customer service and see how quickly they respond. 5.Doesrepparttar 132078 service monitor overall performance or just up/down? 6.Doesrepparttar 132079 service reliably identify most site problems? How do you know? 7.Arerepparttar 132080 alerts and reports accurate and timely? 8.Doesrepparttar 132081 service provide enough real information to debugrepparttar 132082 site problem? 9.Can you afford to subscribe to an online monitoring system? Can you afford not to?

This article was written by Miles J. Nixon, CEO of Quicksand Development LLC, developers of @watch (www.atwatch.com).

Sites for Budding Beginners

Written by Grant Hewlett

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Go into a site called Tucows at , where you'll find almost everything underrepparttar sun that any computer buff could want. When you get into Tucows, inrepparttar 132073 first screen, click on Win 95/98, or Mac, whatever your system is. Inrepparttar 132074 second screen, click on your region, general; and inrepparttar 132075 third screen, on your region local. This will take you torepparttar 132076 fourth screen where you findrepparttar 132077 box: NETWORK TOOLS, and here you click on FTP ARCHIE. This will take you intorepparttar 132078 final screen, where you will scroll down torepparttar 132079 very last item onrepparttar 132080 page: which isrepparttar 132081 WS-FTP PRO 6.5, and download it. This may take about fifteen minutes. After down loading, you will find two little yellow icons on your desktop.

Double click onrepparttar 132082 top one,repparttar 132083 FTP-pro, notrepparttar 132084 FTP-explorer. When you openrepparttar 132085 FTP engine, fill inrepparttar 132086 boxes with your server address, your user name and password, and then click on QUICK CONNECT. This will bring up a split screen. What is onrepparttar 132087 left side ofrepparttar 132088 screen, is what is on your hard drive, and what is onrepparttar 132089 right screen, is what is on your site.

To upload, inrepparttar 132090 left hand box, choose your web page file in whatever drive it's in, click and open it. You will seerepparttar 132091 two entries forrepparttar 132092 web pages you have just designed. Hi-lightrepparttar 132093 first one, and then inrepparttar 132094 middle ofrepparttar 132095 two screens, where you see two arrows, one pointing left and one pointing right, click onrepparttar 132096 one pointing right and this will upload your page to your site. Follow throughrepparttar 132097 same way forrepparttar 132098 second page, and your site is up!

This is a very, very basic step by step, and there is a whole lot more to learn, but I know that I would have liked to read something like this when I was starting out back in July. Good luck!

Grant Hewlett of New Paradigm Productions. Grant Hewlett is a graphic artist, copywriter, and host of two off the wall New Age web sites, which can be found at http://www3.sympatico.ca/newparadigm, and http://uranus.spaceports.com/~grantman/.

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