Written by Lisa Hochanadel

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Have friends give you feedback on why they wouldn't buy. Take this information and askrepparttar questions that so few ask. Where did I miss it? How can I better convince them that they will benefit from my offer? Do that week in and week out and in no time you'll have a site that sells like crazy.


People want to know itís been done before. Few will risk their time and money without knowing that what they hope will happen for them has happened for others. Your job is to both challenge them and comfort them. They need to hear from you that they won't lose out by doing what you want them to do. Examine yourself to make sure that in addition to encouraging people to act you let them know they won't be hurt by their action.

The Net is a great place to do business. When we were selling face to face (or even onrepparttar 127468 phone) we could use facial expressions and tone of voice to make our point. Now most of our business is done through words. Be sure thatrepparttar 127469 words you choose communicate that they will gain, they will not lose. Do that and you build relationships that will pay you handsomely for years to come.

Lisa Hochanadelís Internet business succeeds because she understands what people want. She wants to share with you how she has achieved her success. For more info, mailto:qcsbs1@getresponse.com and see how Lisa can help you achieve your goals.

Proof That First Impressions Really Do Count!

Written by Gary Hanley

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And Here's The REAL Kicker....

The woman had already spoken with 6 other dynamite glazing salesmen that week... and ALL of them offered a cheaper quote! That's right - Terry's price wasrepparttar MOST expensive. He was alsorepparttar 127467 most inexperienced sales man there ever was.

So what happened inrepparttar 127468 background, and moreover, how can you replicate these powerful sales abilities to step up a notch on your own profit ladder? Here comesrepparttar 127469 secret....

The woman said, "She likedrepparttar 127470 young lad more thanrepparttar 127471 others".

That's ALL there been to it. She didn't care aboutrepparttar 127472 extra expense. Evenrepparttar 127473 other slick salesmen couldn't persuade her to pay LESS than this young chap was asking for.

The truth is, this lad's first impression shone brighter than any ofrepparttar 127474 sales talkrepparttar 127475 others subjectedrepparttar 127476 old woman to. First impressions count, and this young lad's courtesy attitude, politeness and likability are what closedrepparttar 127477 sale.

Notrepparttar 127478 sales hype. Notrepparttar 127479 low prices withrepparttar 127480 gigantic over-hyped benefits. Butrepparttar 127481 actual 'personality' and 'impression' thatrepparttar 127482 kid gave was all that was required.

If you market your own products and services onrepparttar 127483 Internet, consider what impression you're giving to your prospects. If you appeal to them, then you've already done half ofrepparttar 127484 work. If this means redesigning your website, then so be it.

If this means going out of your way to be polite, helpful and giverepparttar 127485 best possible shopping experience, then so be it.

Is it really too much work to secure your own sales? I'll leave you to ponder on that thought.

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