Written by Karen Fegarty

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Keyword - Email Marketing Top bid - $5.82 Bid # 40 - $0.32 Had everyone bid just one cent to outbid their competitorrepparttar top bid would have been $0.73. Savings to top bidder - $5.09 per click Clicks on this keyword per month - 32296 Overpayment to Overture - $164,386.64 per month

Keyword - Bulk Email Top bid - $4.99 Bid # 40 - $0.14 Had everyone bid just one cent to outbid their competitorrepparttar 128415 top bid would have been $0.55. Savings to top bidder - $4.44 per click Clicks on this keyword per month - 40423 Overpayment to Overture - $179,478.12 per month

For just these 4 keywords, alone, we overpaid Overture by $483,090 in just one month. Let's userepparttar 128416 proper tools and common sense to optimize our keywords. Stop throwing money to Overture and other Pay-per-click search engines and let's keep more money in our pockets.

Karen Fegarty is with MailWorkZ. MailWorkZ, http://www.mailworkz.com is a leading producer of emarketing products and tools. Karen is using GoodKeywordsPro http://www.mailworkz.com/cgi-bin/tracking/t.cgi?goodkey weekly to make sure MailWorkZ is not paying too much for their positions in Pay-per-click search engines. She can be reached at mailto:karen@mailworkz.com

Search Engine Hype, Don't You Believe It!

Written by David Seitz

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I suggest submitting your site by hand torepparttar following directories. It does not take long, and if you are consistent and submit every month, you will increase traffic to your site.

1. http://www.altavista.com 2. http://www.webcrawler.com 3. http://www.yahoo.com 4. http://www.infoseek.com 5. http://www.lycos.com 6. http://www.excite.com 7. http://www.hotbot.com 8. http://www.askjeeves.com/ 9. http://www.aol.com/netfind/ 10. http://www.directhit.com/ 11. http://beta.go.com/ 12. http://www.google.com/ 13. http://www.inktomi.com/ 14. http://www.looksmart.com/ 15. http://www.netscape.com/ 16. http://www.northernlight.com/ 17. http://www.snap.com/ 18. http://www.mckinley.com/magellan/

I also recommend using goto.com which is a pay site. You can bid on keywords and pay for clicks to your site. I have used it and it works well. You can control your account online and change your bids, keywords, and linking any time. Full stats are available to help you easily trackrepparttar 128414 progress of your goto marketing. http://www.goto.com

In a hurry? I highly recommend you userepparttar 128415 great online system at SelfPromotion, it will save you a great deal of time and aggravation. http://www.selfpromotion.com/

If you still want to go gungho over search engine marketing, then visit, and take advantage of,repparttar 128416 information overload available at: http://searchenginewatch.com

Be sure to set up a schedule and keep submitting your site. Your listing will drop over time, and as more and more sites are submitted, your listing could be dropped all together. Once a month should be satisfactory for your search engine marketing.

One important tip to keep in mind when submitting your site - Do NOT submit your listing more than once a week! Some search engines will ban your domain all together for life for spamming their database.

David Seitz CEO and President Virtual Imagination Inc. http://www.virtual-imagination.com/ "Subscribe to the FREE Award Winning Helping Hand Internet Marketing Newsletter Today For More Great Articles and Tips Just Like This!" mailto:subscribe@associatesearch.com http://www.helpinghand-newsletter.com/

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