WEDDING MAKEUP - Making Sure Your Makeup is Camera Ready!

Written by Gerti Soderquist

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Long-lasting Eyes

The eyes have it - tears, of course. To keep your eye makeup perfect all day, wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The waterproof formulas won't let you down.

If your eye shadow doesn't have staying power, invest in an eye shadow base, or dust loose powder on your lids before shadow application to ensure longer wear.

For unruly brows, a clear brow gel to hold your brows in a perfect arch is a must-have. It's so easy to use and make a professional, movie star appearance. Alexis Vogel Brow Gel is a great choice.

Finish your face with lipstick and lip liner. A definite must is a longwearing, transfer-proof (won't come off when you drink or eat) lipstick. Most manufacturers in both drug and department stores have lots of these formulas to offer. If you're not using a lip-liner, try it! It really enhances your mouth, framing it with a perfect line that also prevents your lipstick from bleeding and feathering out onto your face.

Withrepparttar help of longwearing products, you hopefully won't need many touch-ups, but keep these products with you: pressed powder, blush, lipstick, lip liner, foundation plus your trust mirror.

If you're considering using professional makeup artists, here are some options:

Department Store Cosmetic Counters: Bridal makeups are complimentary, but you'll probably want to buy some ofrepparttar 148199 products they use on you. You'll need to call a cosmetic counter in advance and book an appointment. Plan on 30 minutes to an hour for your makeup.

Hair Salons: Salons charge for makeup application, which takes one-half to one hour. Some charge less for bridesmaids. An appointment is necessary.

Professional Makeup Artist: Having a makeup artist come to your home isrepparttar 148200 ultimate luxury. The artist will meet with you beforehand to do a preview, or trial, so that you are totally happy withrepparttar 148201 results well beforerepparttar 148202 wedding.

Do It Yourself: The Alexis Vogel Cosmetics System gives you professional makeup instruction on a How To DVD by Hollywood's Top Makeup Artist, PLUS allrepparttar 148203 tools and professional grade makeup you'll need!

by Gerti Soderquist

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Vinyl Chloride and Angiosarcoma

Written by T.Going

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Scientists have struggled to pinpointrepparttar exact methods by which vinyl chloride causes liver angiosarcoma, but most thought that it was inhaled first, and then transferred intorepparttar 148198 bloodstream whererepparttar 148199 liver attempts to filter it. Whenrepparttar 148200 liver fails to filterrepparttar 148201 chemical, it causes serious mutations torepparttar 148202 liver cells, resulting in angiosarcoma. Likerepparttar 148203 B.G. Goodrich cases, numerous more cases were seen inrepparttar 148204 hairdressing industry. It was later learned that these beauty shop workers used aerosol cans that have vinyl chloride acting as a propellant forrepparttar 148205 spray. As a result,repparttar 148206 government revisedrepparttar 148207 original protective measures to limit vinyl chloride to one ppm per day.

For more information on a vinyl chloride lawsuit and hiring an angiosarcoma lawyer please visit . This article may be freely reprinted as long as this resource box is included and all links stay intact as hyperlinks.

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