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Written by Paul Hailey

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Original bmp file .. appx 20mb jpg compression 2: 217kb jpg compression 15: 79kb jpg compression 30: 51kb ..reccommended jpg comression 50: 36kb ..reccommended jpg compression 150: 20kb.

Evenrepparttar 20kb version was adequate for pictures say up to 5 by 3 inches on an 800 by 600 pixel screen resolution. 30 to 60kb seems a good trade off between file size and quality, butrepparttar 107904 file size you get relates torepparttar 107905 picture composition. This would seem a good range for 'average' sized jpg web pictures without noticably losing quality.

----------------------------- 4. jpg versus gif gifs are good for icons and small pics - these can be in 16 colours which makes very small files.

jpeg is a compression facility and does not do so well with 16 colour or small pics, unlessrepparttar 107906 compression number is increased. jpeg is really for compressing big pictures, lots of data, 24 bit colour.

With gif you do not getrepparttar 107907 options for palette selection and compression levels that jpeg gives.

I use gifs for icons and small pics, jpeg forrepparttar 107908 rest. ------------------------------

5.Black and white. For texts, scan textual material in B&W even if there are colour pics onrepparttar 107909 page. Separately scanrepparttar 107910 colour pics, in colour. Black and white is 1 bit not 8 bit - file sizes are much smaller thanrepparttar 107911 equivalent in colour.

I have received text scans in colour - usuallyrepparttar 107912 black is grey rather than black. If 'ocr' software won't scan them becauserepparttar 107913 resolution is too low (and it usually is!), I dorepparttar 107914 next best thing and convertrepparttar 107915 pic to B&W. The process usually involves darkeningrepparttar 107916 colour image as much as possible, to increaserepparttar 107917 blackness ofrepparttar 107918 characters.

Then convert to black and white usingrepparttar 107919 'threshhold' control. This threshhold is justrepparttar 107920 point at whichrepparttar 107921 analyser decides it is a 'black' pixel square, not 'white'.

The threshhold range is 0 t0 255, inrepparttar 107922 range from 127 to 220 doesrepparttar 107923 trick, dependent onrepparttar 107924 colour original, andrepparttar 107925 allowable extra black 'dots' you get ifrepparttar 107926 value is set too high.

File sizes can reduce a text page from 100kb jpg to 20kb gif, just by going to b&w. Somehow I prefer gifs for black and white - I feel gifs are better suited to simpler jobs than jpeg.

Paul Hailey, hailey@clara.net and site http://www.hailey,clara.net

"WARNING: Do not buy a computer until you read this

Written by Helen Cho

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5) Shared Memory - As a cost cutting measure, some systems are designed forrepparttar video card to share memory withrepparttar 107903 system itself and not to have its own dedicated memory. Therefore a system with 64 MB RAM advertised with a 4 MB card has only 60 MB of free RAM afterrepparttar 107904 video card’s requirements. On budget systems, this is common but you should be told about it. You could end up buying a computer that has 64 MB of RAM and then find that you only really have 58 MB -- and you can't run a program that needs 64MB.

6) What You See Isn’t What You Get - Asrepparttar 107905 components that go into a machine are numerous and constantly changing, you may find thatrepparttar 107906 machine you receive is rarelyrepparttar 107907 exact machine you ordered. These differences are caused byrepparttar 107908 frequent non-availability of various components. Additionally, some big name mail order firms’ sales reps get intorepparttar 107909 habit of "forgetting" what price they gave you forrepparttar 107910 equipment you asked for – and, as a result, you get sent a system that’s missing parts that you wanted.

Now, before you go running torepparttar 107911 first “reputable” computer store thinking it’s your safest bet, you have to know that those big players also have a slew of deceptive practices up their sleeves. Furthermore, they go to great lengths to hire professional salespeople. Quite frankly, unless you’re one ofrepparttar 107912 small percentage of people who possess computer-buying savvy, you are putty inrepparttar 107913 hands of trained computer salespeople. They know exactly how to manipulate you, entice you, allay your fears and, most importantly, closerepparttar 107914 deal. How about you – are you a trained computer buyer?

Do you know for instance….

…what day ofrepparttar 107915 week it’s best to buy a computer to getrepparttar 107916 best prices?

…the closely-guarded tactic to saving at least $500 on your next computer purchase?

…what advertised feature you should never pay a single dime for when buying a computer?

…when it’s OK to buy "clones" or generic brands?

…why you should beware of advertisements that scream “Free Printer”, “Free Scanner” and “Free Software”?

My friend, Mark Joyner, and I reveal those secrets for free in another article located here:

http://www.roibot.com k_cbsr.cgi?cbsrfreecontent

I don’t want you thinking there are no happy endings inrepparttar 107917 world of computer buying. It's absolutely mind-blowing what astronomical margins some firms make on PCs, and how incredibly simple it is for buyers to get huge discounts on those prices - if they know how.

Epilogue: I have a recent success story of my own to tell. I just bought myself a new laptop -- a beautiful IBM Thinkpad T20 with allrepparttar 107918 bells and whistles at about $1400 below listed price!

All I can say is, beatingrepparttar 107919 computer bullies at their own game isrepparttar 107920 best revenge.

Helen Cho is the author of “Computer Buying Secrets Revealed!”, the only book of its kind that shows how anyone can save at least $500 on their next computer purchase: http://www.roibot.com/tk_cbsr.cgi?cbsrfreecontent

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