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Speaking from experience

Written by Sohaib Thiab

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Lesson-3 Work Smarter, not harder

The Internet andrepparttar World Wide Web (WWW) open new possibilities for facilitating and automating otherwise tedious, expensive and time consuming events. This does not come free, even if it looks to be free.

Just think ofrepparttar 117047 hours and hours you spend onrepparttar 117048 Internet to dorepparttar 117049 long list of assignments to make yourself and your business known torepparttar 117050 Internet community. Would a subscription service that takes care of such activities be worth paying for them? You may have to do a small mathematical exercise to decide.

Lesson-4: There should be a product

Or better a number of ‘real’ products of tangible benefit torepparttar 117051 buyer. Don’t get into hype of selling nothing only because someone managed to sell you that, and your only way to make money is to passrepparttar 117052 thing on to other innocent victims, who in turn would do everything to sell this ‘nothing’ to others.

From a professional and honest standpoint, I have to be personally convinced that my direct customers can directly benefit from what they buy, even without passingrepparttar 117053 buck to others. If they opt to do so, it is because they believe inrepparttar 117054 product and its value to their own customers as well.

Lesson-5: Diversify and Grow

To sustain your success in this cyberspace business, you cannot stand still, things around us are moving allrepparttar 117055 time, and so should we. You need to diversify your offerings and grow them on ongoing basis.

You need to think always in this manner. What can I do today to get more customers and more business? Isrepparttar 117056 limitation in my offerings or in my market reach? What can I do to diversify my offerings and grow my market reach?

We will elaborate on these lessons and others inrepparttar 117057 next issues of this newsletter. It would be great to hear your views on what is said, and your comments would always be taken in consideration.

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