Written by Jackie Ulmer

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Find a contact person withrepparttar company that will talk to you. Have a list of questions such as length of time in business, annual revenues, publicly traded or privately held, name of CEO and other company officers, names and contact info for other company representatives that you may call.

Check to see ifrepparttar 127578 company is a member ofrepparttar 127579 Direct Selling Association by visiting their web site at

Check with your state's Attorney's General Office.

See if they are listed with Dun & Bradstreet, and if so, check their rating.

Talk to 3 or 4 representatives and find out how long they have been withrepparttar 127580 company and get general feedback.

If you have foundrepparttar 127581 company or opportunity from a web site, look for contact information ofrepparttar 127582 person owning and representingrepparttar 127583 site.

Make sure you get all of your questions answered to your satisfaction. Don't let anyone pressure you into making a decision.

Find out all up front costs. Also, find out if there are any recurring monthly or annual costs that you can anticipate.

What exactly is expected of you? Are there monthly sales quotas? What do you have to do to get paid? When will you get paid? Is there any fine print that you need to be aware of?

Listen to your gut instincts. They are usually right!

There are many profitable, legal and fun work at home business ideas both online, and offline. Just do your research.

Don't allowrepparttar 127584 "bumps inrepparttar 127585 road" to stop you from findingrepparttar 127586 option that will work for you. Keep me moving inrepparttar 127587 direction that will allow you to create a life that you love! It will happen, just keep looking!

Jackie Ulmer, a veteran Home Based Business Owner, has coached and trained thousands of representatives both inside and outside of her sales organization. One of her primary goals is to help others succeed. She can be reached through her web site at

Protect Yourself From Scams - Do a Little Homework!

Written by Joe Reinbold

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Look at a program and ask yourself some of these questions:

Isrepparttar product something that I would be proud to sell or promote? Ifrepparttar 127577 answer is no, then stay away.

Make sure that there is an actual service or product that you will be selling. If you are just going to get paid for every new member you recruit, then it may very well be an illegal pyramid or ponzi scheme.

Is there contact information easily available atrepparttar 127578 site? Do they show their email addresses, street address, names of principals, company name, telephone number? Send them a question and see if you get an answer or an automatic reply.

If you have a address or telephone number go to or and check them out. You can userepparttar 127579 telephone number and do a "reverse directory check" which checksrepparttar 127580 telephone number and gives you an name and address if one is on file.

Check outrepparttar 127581 web site's domain name at Just enterrepparttar 127582 domain name i.e., and you can determine whorepparttar 127583 administrative contact, normallyrepparttar 127584 owner, where they are located and how longrepparttar 127585 site has been registered.

Do they offer you a free promotional site for your use with your own personal referral code? If you have to pay your entry or membership fee and then find out you have to pay another $100 or so to get a promotional site and email advertising package, and that isrepparttar 127586 only way they allow you to promote it, be leery. They are making their money up front. I don't believe that you should have to pay a company for basic promotional tools to promote their company. They can takerepparttar 127587 expense off as a business expense if they are for real.

Of course you will still have to make an informed decision on your own after doing your research. But you may find enough information from any one of these resources or all of them to sway you one way orrepparttar 127588 other. Just make an informed decision before you spend your hard earned money and resources.

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