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According to Narendra Singh Sarila,repparttar ADC to Lord Mountbatten in 1947, whose forthcoming book exposesrepparttar 144329 truth,repparttar 144330 Partition of India was actually decided in February, 1946. This means that it was not Sir Cyril Radcliffe,repparttar 144331 British Chairman ofrepparttar 144332 two Boundary Commissions which partitioned India and created East and West Pakistan, who mastermindedrepparttar 144333 plan. He arrived in India, forrepparttar 144334 first time only on July 8, 1947. By August 17, 1947, just two days after India’s day of independence, Mountbatten had presentedrepparttar 144335 Boundary Commission Awards to Indian leaders.

In fact, Jinnah,repparttar 144336 “Quaid-i-Azam” could do no more than to console his countrymen…”we have been squeezed in as much as was possible andrepparttar 144337 latest blow that we have received isrepparttar 144338 Award ofrepparttar 144339 Boundary Commission. It is an unjust, incomprehensible and even perverse Award. It may be wrong, unjust and perverse; and it may not be a judicial but a political Award, but we have agreed to abide by it and it is binding upon us. As honorable people we must abide by it. It may be our misfortune but we must bear up this one more blow with fortitude, courage and hope." Lord Wavell, thenrepparttar 144340 Viceroy of India, had all along encouragedrepparttar 144341 concept of partition, and recommended, as far back as February 1946, a truncated Pakistan - excluding from it one-third ofrepparttar 144342 Punjab, half of Bengal and almostrepparttar 144343 whole of Assam - which thereafter becamerepparttar 144344 final blue-print forrepparttar 144345 Award which enforcedrepparttar 144346 partition of India.

Jinnah may actually have been just a tactical instrument forrepparttar 144347 British to use againstrepparttar 144348 Congress. Inrepparttar 144349 Cold War that ensued later betweenrepparttar 144350 West andrepparttar 144351 Soviet Union, it came as no surprise to enlightened political leaders, worldwide, when Pakistan became a much-used base forrepparttar 144352 West’s overt and covert confrontations withrepparttar 144353 Soviets and their allies or victims.










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'Palestinians' abuse goodwill to attack Israel

Written by Ryan Jones

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Sadly, such incidents require Israel “to carry out more stringent inspections, and those who suffer will be those requiring medical treatment,” Col. Yoav Mordechai, head ofrepparttar Erez district liaison office, told The Jerusalem Post.

Another senior security official said human rights groups often criticize Israel for carrying out inspections of Palestinian Arabs in need of medical treatment.

He said they failed to understand that while Israel desired to help those people, “our dilemma is how to differentiate between those who really seek treatment and sometimes those who may suffer from terminal illnesses and figure they have nothing to lose by agreeing to carry out a suicide attack.”

Bas was stopped in her attempt thanks torepparttar 144223 biometric scanners installed atrepparttar 144224 Erez Crossing station, a technologyrepparttar 144225 Palestinian Authority insisted was a deliberate attempt to giverepparttar 144226 Arabs cancer and demanded Israel remove.

Ryan Jones is Co-Editor of Jerusalem Newswire.

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