WARNING! Living Trust Scams Targeting our Seniors

Written by Barbara Mascio

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  • by a child who is younger than age 21, blind or disabled

  • by a child who is age 65 or older and who has a countable income not exceedingrepparttar need standard forrepparttar 127537 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

  • by a sibling who has a verified equity interest inrepparttar 127538 home and who was residing inrepparttar 127539 home for at lest one year immediately beforerepparttar 127540 daterepparttar 127541 individual was admitted torepparttar 127542 medical institution.

    However, if you assignrepparttar 127543 deed of your home to a Living Trust, you loose this exemption and your home is now considered a 'Countable Resource'.

    Many seniors will find themselves in need of Medicaid assistance to help pay for health care services. Medicaid, once an 'entitlement program' available to those that metrepparttar 127544 age and income criteria, is now a completely different program allowingrepparttar 127545 state to collectrepparttar 127546 Medicaid reimbursement from your estate. The federal guidelines andrepparttar 127547 individual state guidelines are not alwaysrepparttar 127548 exact same guidelines. Each state has been provided a great deal of flexibility in how they interpret and govern Medicaid. Ohio happens to be one ofrepparttar 127549 worst states.

    In fact, in a recent article published in Forbes Magazine, entitled 'Best Places to Die'', Ohio ranked 49 out of fifty for this and other reasons. See Best Places to Die

    The Probate Myth:

    If you are like my grandma, with less than a total of $200,000 in assets, chances are a Living Trust is not a reasonable vehicle to purchase simply to avoid probate. We have learned that as long asrepparttar 127550 deed,repparttar 127551 bank accounts,repparttar 127552 insurance policies and so forth are written withrepparttar 127553 proper legal wording of 'survivorship' these assets will seamlessly pass torepparttar 127554 surviving spouse, without probate.

    Just asrepparttar 127555 IRS has complicated tax returns torepparttar 127556 point an average citizen needs to pay for assistance in order to file,repparttar 127557 government has createdrepparttar 127558 same quagmire with Medicare and Medicaid issues.

    In conclusion:

    • Trusts have solid purposes, however, please speak with someone who is well versed and educated on Medicare and Medicaid issues before pursuing.

    • Not having a trust does not mean your estate will definitely go through Probate court.

    • Do not assume you know how Medicare and Medicaid works. Either speak with a professional that specializes in elder planningissues privately, or attend one ofrepparttar 127559 many workshops to self-educate yourself.

    • Seniors, please do not invite a sales representative in to your home while you are alone. You want someone you trust (an adult child or friend) to be inrepparttar 127560 home during this sales presentation. This is not a 'dig'. You've been aroundrepparttar 127561 block and are more savvy than most of us and you haverepparttar 127562 right to do what you want. Just be aware that there are people out there that know how to manipulate your trust. In fact, their sales training teaches them 'how to' do just that.

    • Never feel pressured to 'do it right now'. All professional reputable services expect you to consider your options.

    • Never give your birth date, social security number, bank account numbers and so forth to anyone overrepparttar 127563 telephone or to a stranger that has come to your home.

    • Do not assume that a company with no complaints registered withrepparttar 127564 Better Business Bureau equates to an 'approved' service. Anyone with $500 can joinrepparttar 127565 Better Business Bureau.

    • Get allrepparttar 127566 facts before you make a decision. Ask a lot of questions. Please, be careful.

    Stop guessing! Select a Senior Approved Service! Phone toll free at 877-620-6448 for one-on-one assistance, or visit Seniors Approve Free Web Community

    Founder and President of Quality Care Options

  • The Truth About Stuffing Envelopes And Home Assembly Programs

    Written by Dean Phillips

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    Once you have purchasedrepparttar supplies and have donerepparttar 127536 work,repparttar 127537 company often decides not to pay you because your work does not meet certain "standards." You are then left with merchandise that is difficult or impossible to sell.

    If you have spent money and time on a work-at-home program and now believerepparttar 127538 program may not be legitimate, contactrepparttar 127539 company and ask for a refund. Let company representatives know that you plan to notify officials about your experience. If you can't resolverepparttar 127540 dispute withrepparttar 127541 company, file a complaint withrepparttar 127542 following organizations:

    The Federal Trade Commission works forrepparttar 127543 consumer to prevent fraud and deception. Call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357) or log on to:


    Also contact:

    * Your state's Attorney General's Office. * Your local consumer protection offices. * Your local Better Business Bureau.

    * Your local postmaster. The U.S. Postal Service investigates fraudulent mail practices.

    * The advertising manager ofrepparttar 127544 publication that ranrepparttar 127545 ad. The manager may be interested to learn aboutrepparttar 127546 problems you've had withrepparttar 127547 company.

    Dean Phillips is an Internet marketing expert, writer, publisher and entrepreneur. Questions? Comments? Dean can be reached at mailto: dean@lets-make-money.net

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