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TIP: Send email or a fax containing onlyrepparttar bare bones of your story. Put your release, background, executive bios, White Papers and other documentation on a unique URL onrepparttar 101236 company web site. If you are asked to send more information, tellrepparttar 101237 editorrepparttar 101238 size of your file before you send it.

Should you send tsotchkes? Yes and No. Will sending tsotchkes (novelties) to editors help you get their attention? Yes and no. "It's a nuisance. I throw most of them away," says David Zeilenziger, who covers People In Business at Bloomberg Business. "But just yesterday I received a huge package from a consumer-related site and inside was just a candy bar. I did go torepparttar 101239 site and I calledrepparttar 101240 company. And they haven't returned my call."

"They don't help at all. I've got them scattered all overrepparttar 101241 office," says Joachim. "If it's food, I leave it onrepparttar 101242 table outside. Others I either share, give away or throw out."

"If they're clever they get my attention, but they don't necessarily get ink," says Crumpley. "A larger gift hasrepparttar 101243 taint of a bribe. So then we have to do something with it. We'll donate it torepparttar 101244 orphan's fund or something and then we have to write a letter to whoever sent it and say this is what we did. Who has time for all that?"

Dave Elbert, Business Editor of The Des Moines Register, Des Moines, IA, concurs, "We have an ethics code that prohibits accepting freebies and that means I have to find some way to dispose of them."

TIP: If your tsotchke is clever and small, you might not get a story, but you might get name recognition. Branding. Might hurt, could help.

Should you leaverepparttar 101245 price of your product or another important detail out of your release? Yes and no. "I can seerepparttar 101246 rationale," says Crumpley, "but it's a tricky call. If you knowrepparttar 101247 editor or reporter might be interested, it might be good strategy. If it's kind of a weak story, you might be shooting yourself inrepparttar 101248 foot."

Clearly, positioning a company to receiverepparttar 101249 press coverage so valuable in establishing a brand, attracting investors and selling products is not a simple matter.

Probablyrepparttar 101250 most important rule to remember is that journalists need to know what's new, what's hot and what's affecting a lot of people. Keep their needs in mind and you may very well end up with media coverage.

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Tips For Effective Online Advertising

Written by Archie R. Lawhorne

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FFA Links While searching and placing free classifieds, you'll likely come across sites that provide free links, typically referred to as FFA sites, or "Free For All" links. These are specialized Web sites that allow advertisers to post short ads in various categories. The difference with FFA links is that you typically are only allowed a few words to describe your site, but with a simple click, prospects are immediately connected to your web page. It's important to choose your words carefully and include a major "BENEFIT" in your offer, rather than just a descriptive feature. Examples include, "Lose 20 pounds in 20 days!" or "Cut Your Legal Expenses In Half." Lead withrepparttar benefit, follow up with features. In most cases, once an ad is placed on a FFA site,repparttar 101235 site owner then replies with an e-mail, acknowledging receipt ofrepparttar 101236 ad, accompanied with an ad of their own. Because ofrepparttar 101237 massive amount of link placements, FFA sites continuously drop old ads and replace them with new ones. So it's a good idea to revisit these sites regularly to re-post your ads. To find suitable FFA links, go to your favorite search engine and type in "FFA links." You will be provided with hundreds of different sites from which to choose. Here's a listing of some ofrepparttar 101238 more popular sites: 1st Link Booster http://www.linkbooster.com/ FantasticLinks http://www.fantasticlinks.com FFA Net http://www.ffanet.com FFA-O-MATIC http://wwwffaomatic.com MULTILINKS http://www.multilinks.net/index.shtml?10000 TrafficWave FFA http://www.trafficwave.net/ If you are going to spendrepparttar 101239 time, effort and expense required to post online ads, it is critical thatrepparttar 101240 words you choose pull repparttar 101241 maximum number of responses possible. Keep in mind that to write ads that pull, means learning another profession, or at least learningrepparttar 101242 bare basics so that your advertising is not in vain. Rather than attempting to lay out an entire writing course within this article, I've provided a couple of links below that you can review at your leisure. These sites offer extensive resources that will allow you to uncoverrepparttar 101243 techniques and formulas used byrepparttar 101244 most successful copywriters. http://www.adcopywriting.com http://www.getpub.com/writing.htm

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