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Written by Ron Hutton

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The idea behind "link reputation" is thatrepparttar inbound links use keywords inrepparttar 136063 text that matchrepparttar 136064 theme ofrepparttar 136065 page to whichrepparttar 136066 link is pointing.

One more time nice and slow. I don't want you to miss this.

*** The idea behind "link reputation"... *** is thatrepparttar 136067 inbound links use keywords inrepparttar 136068 text *** that matchrepparttar 136069 theme ofrepparttar 136070 page *** to whichrepparttar 136071 link is pointing.

This is a fundamental SEO principle that you should keep in mind not only when writing a resource box for an article, but also when you're designing your web pages.

So, to do this right, you'll want your odor eater article's resource box to have an odor eater keyword-laden link pointing to an odor eater page on your running shoes website. Does that make sense?

Asrepparttar 136072 article's author you're inrepparttar 136073 perfect position to getrepparttar 136074 second part ofrepparttar 136075 linking equation just right.

~ You decide what your resource box will say. ~ You decide what keywords are used inrepparttar 136076 link pointing to your website. ~ And you decide which pagerepparttar 136077 link is directed to.

2 down. 1 to go.

Now for Q1. "Content is King." There. I said it. There's no disputing that all ofrepparttar 136078 major search engines crave content. Enter stage left, Mr. Article Author.

If you're writing artic|es and submitting them to article directories, you also need to be posting those artic|es on your 0wn website. When you do so, add about 20% unique content to your webpage so that it's not exactly like every other webpage that's been uploaded torepparttar 136079 net. Search engines don't like to see a lot of duplicate content, so take this little extra step to make sure that your page is unique.

Let's review...

Q1: "_____________" is King. A1: "C_o_n_t_e_n_t" is King.

Q2: Link "___________________" and link "___________________" matter oodles to Google. A2: Link "P_o_p_u_l_a_r_i_t_y" and link "r_e_p_u_t_a_t_i_o_n" matter oodles to Google.

The service that I've been using for article submissions is (, and I've got to say that I love it. I make one submission using and my article is automatically submitted to an additional 22 article directories with only one click ofrepparttar 136080 mouse. They offer a number of cool tools and if you're looking for content for your 0wn website, it's a terrific place to start.

Start today by casting a vote for your 0wn website. Nobody will mind. In fact, you'll find that there are large masses of ezine publishers and webmasters who'd be glad to vote for your website too.

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Outsourcing your work...

Written by Richard Grady

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2. When you post your project, ensure that you detail EXACTLY what is required. The more informationrepparttar better. If you start adding torepparttar 136062 brief after a freelancer has placed his/her bid, expectrepparttar 136063 price to rise....

3. Try and keeprepparttar 136064 brief as simple as possible. Remember that English may not berepparttar 136065 first language of some ofrepparttar 136066 freelancers and whilst I have never had any communication problems (in fact, most ofrepparttar 136067 programmers I have used have a better standard of written English thanrepparttar 136068 majority of my fellow countrymen!), it makes sense not to over-complicate matters with slang etc that may not be understood.

4. Don't always opt forrepparttar 136069 lowest bid. All ofrepparttar 136070 freelance sites listed below allow you to view feedback ratings for freelancers and I usually base my decision on this rating. I would rather pay a bit extra and use someone with a superb rating than save a bit of money and use a new freelancer. They may be great at what they do but unfortunately when you are dealing with people at a distance, you have no way of knowing and in my view, it isn't worthrepparttar 136071 risk and potential extra hassle. Go with someone that has already proven themselves.

5. If your project is to create something that you want to resell (for example a software product or an eBook) make sure that you stress inrepparttar 136072 brief that atrepparttar 136073 end ofrepparttar 136074 project, you will ownrepparttar 136075 copyright and will have access torepparttar 136076 source code/files. Obviously you want to ensure thatrepparttar 136077 freelancer doesn't come back to you inrepparttar 136078 future complaining that you are selling his/her work and that you can editrepparttar 136079 product if you need to without having to findrepparttar 136080 original creator. It would also be wise to include a condition stating thatrepparttar 136081 freelancer is not allowed to use your product inrepparttar 136082 future for someone else or indeed sell it themselves.

As for which freelance site to use, there are three that I recommend but my absolute fave is and this is definitely my 'site of choice'.

Alternatively, try or

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