Volvo Electric Powered Concept Sports Car and Volvo Replacement Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

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The Volvo 3 CC's safety features include Volvo Safety Ride Down Concept, a unique solution with a seat system that moves forward, a bit like a sled, atrepparttar same time asrepparttar 136895 front is deformed. This movement is slowed withrepparttar 136896 help of adaptive shock absorbers that tailorrepparttar 136897 damping effect to suitrepparttar 136898 collision force andrepparttar 136899 occupants’ number and weight. The interior can be moved between 0 and 200 mm forward, which hasrepparttar 136900 same overall effect as extendingrepparttar 136901 crumple zone by a corresponding length. It has seats that slide forward atrepparttar 136902 moment of deformation,repparttar 136903 intention being to compensate forrepparttar 136904 small car’s traditional lack of space inrepparttar 136905 crumple zone.

Virtual tests showed thatrepparttar 136906 most important part of a ride-down system isrepparttar 136907 energy absorber and that it needs to be adaptive in order to be a viable concept, by responding to differences in occupant load and crash severity”.

An environmentally efficient car that also has to be comfortable, enjoyable to drive, attractive to look at and safe to ride is an entirely new approach. The result isrepparttar 136908 Volvo 3CC, a sporty and appealing, extremely aerodynamic and compact car equipped with an energy-efficient electric motor.

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Why Should You Shop Around for Auto Insurance?

Written by Jon Register

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How do you know what to expect from your insurance company? Your insurance company and its representatives should be able to answer your questions. They should be able to help you determine what coverage and limits you should carry based on your needs. They should handle any claims fairly, efficiently and quickly. You should feel comfortable with bothrepparttar insurance company that you select andrepparttar 136877 insurance agent or company representative that you will be working with. Your insurance professional should takerepparttar 136878 time to understand your insurance needs and answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

Go to, not only will you getrepparttar 136879 rates of various insurance companies, you will seerepparttar 136880 A.M. Best rating for each company along side their rates for you personal situation.

Now isrepparttar 136881 time for your fingers to punch their way to a quick rate analysis and viewrepparttar 136882 ratings atrepparttar 136883 same time.

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