Volcano Tours In Baņos Ecuador

Written by Steve Gilman

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My wife rode inside. After a tour ofrepparttar city with party music playingrepparttar 148781 whole time, we headed intorepparttar 148782 mountains. We enjoyedrepparttar 148783 fire-juggling entertainers on top ofrepparttar 148784 hill, andrepparttar 148785 free hot rum drinks, while looking down onrepparttar 148786 lights of Banos. We even saw Tungurahua spit up some lava. The two-hour experience, including drinks andrepparttar 148787 honor of helping push-startrepparttar 148788 chiva, cost $3 each.

Other Activities in Banos Ecuador

You can go to a nice zoo (bears, birds, tortoises and more), rent an ATV, bicycle to nearby waterfalls or tunnels, party in dozens of bars, buy avocados for 20 cents, see a recent movie in your own private viewing room for $1.50 per person (bring allrepparttar 148789 food and drinks you want) - and almost everything is within a few blocks of any hotel. Did I mention that Banos is beautiful, with a perfect climate year-round?

Baņos de Agua Santa, usually just called Baņos, is inrepparttar 148790 Andes Mountains, atrepparttar 148791 foot ofrepparttar 148792 volcano Tungurahua, in Ecuador, South America. A bus from Quito, eighty miles torepparttar 148793 north, will cost you less than five dollars.

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The land of the sun and the good wine

Written by Gustavo Roitman

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recognized for its vineyards and its awarded wines of excelence. Also, it offers a tour called "The path ofrepparttar wine" in which tourists can watch and participate inrepparttar 148780 whole process of wine-making from when u pick uprepparttar 148781 grapes, untill you seerepparttar 148782 finished product.

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