VoIP Technology For The Little Guy....With Worldwide Origination

Written by Michael Lemm

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The process is simple. Just visit mail2speak and fill out a few registration details. After that enterrepparttar overseas number you wish to call and within seconds your phone will ring. The call will have been placed for you and you can talk to your loved ones....or business contacts.... at a ridiculously low rate.

The service is available to and from 280 countries aroundrepparttar 133329 world. Your relatives and business contacts overseas can also use this service to contact you and pay in their local currency.

If, as in many international homes with Internet connections, there is only one phone line available, Mail2speak will automatically call you again in one minute to give you time to endrepparttar 133330 Internet connection and receiverepparttar 133331 call. They do this because calls to cellphones cost more in some countries.

For business people who make frequent international calls, mail2speak is especially convenient because it allows you to storerepparttar 133332 numbers that are called and simply click on them to be connected automatically.

** In addition, if you do not need to have a two-way chat there is another great service that is offered.

You can use your telephone to leave a message for as many overseas friends as you want for just 63 cents a minute. This message will be e-mailed as an Internet sound file (voice email).

All in all....pretty cool solution forrepparttar 133333 average Joe aroundrepparttar 133334 globe. VoIP technology forrepparttar 133335 little guy. Gotta love it.

Michael is the owner of FreedomFire Communications http://ld.net/mscprez and http://DS3-Bandwidth.com .......delivering choices to both residential and business consumers worldwide for voice and data broadband services. Michael also authors BroadBand Nation http://BroadBand-Nation.blogspot.com where you're always welcome to to drop in and catch up on the latest BroadBand news, tips, and ramblings for the masses.

The Motor's Best Friend

Written by Thomas Yoon

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For reliable operation,repparttar overload relay must be located atrepparttar 133328 same temperature environment asrepparttar 133329 motor. The heating effect of repparttar 133330 bimetallic strip mechanism is supposed to representrepparttar 133331 heating ofrepparttar 133332 motor windings.

Melting alloy overload relays calibrated byrepparttar 133333 manufacturer are consideredrepparttar 133334 most reliable of allrepparttar 133335 thermal overload protective devices. However, more commonly used isrepparttar 133336 bimetallic overload relays becauserepparttar 133337 tripping current setting can be adjusted.

Allrepparttar 133338 overload relays have one major limitation - because they operate on line current, they do not directly senserepparttar 133339 motor temperatures. For normal steady running conditions, this poses no problem at all.

However, when a motor starts and stops frequently,repparttar 133340 relay may not completely protectrepparttar 133341 motor. Why is that so?

Duringrepparttar 133342 motor running,repparttar 133343 relay temperature followsrepparttar 133344 motor temperature closely. Whenrepparttar 133345 motor is off,repparttar 133346 relay tends to cool off at a faster rate because of its lower mass. After a number of starts and stops,repparttar 133347 temperatures ofrepparttar 133348 relay andrepparttar 133349 motor may drift further and further apart. Eventuallyrepparttar 133350 motor becomes hot, and yetrepparttar 133351 relay does not trip because it is still cool. The motor burns.

Frequent starting and stopping of motors is no good both electrically and mechanically.

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