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7. Will I be able to dial 911 emergency services?

Some Internet Voice services have difficulty seamlessly connecting withrepparttar 911 dispatch center or identifyingrepparttar 107961 location of Internet Voice 911 callers. Check with your local VoIP provider to determine if they can provide this service in your area.

8. Will I be able to use my computer while making a VoIP phone call?

Yes you most certainly will be able to use your computer while making calls on your VoIP network.

9. Will I be able to take my phone adapter with me while traveling?

You should be able to use your VoIP service wherever you travel as long as you have a high-speed Internet connection available. Your adaptor should workrepparttar 107962 same as when you are at home or inrepparttar 107963 office as long as you have access to a high-speed Internet connection.

10. Does my computer need to be running in order to use VoIP service?

Your computer does not need to be turned on but your broadband connection must be active in order for VoIP to function properly. However, if you are not using an adapter and choose to use a microphone or headset with your computer then your computer must be on.

11. How will I know when I receive a phone call over my VoIP service?

Your VoIP phone will ring like any other telephone.

12. Who regulates VoIP services?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has worked to create an environment promoting competition and innovation to benefit consumers. Historically,repparttar 107964 FCC has not regulatedrepparttar 107965 Internet orrepparttar 107966 services provided over it. On February 12, 2004,repparttar 107967 FCC found that an entirely Internet-based VoIP service was an unregulated information service. Onrepparttar 107968 same day,repparttar 107969 FCC began a broader proceeding to examine what its role should be in this new environment of increased consumer choice and what it can best do to meet its role of safeguardingrepparttar 107970 public interest. In November 2004 they ruled that States do not haverepparttar 107971 jurisdiction to impose taxes on VoIP services, another victory forrepparttar 107972 consumer.

13. What arerepparttar 107973 computer system requirements for VoIP?

The specific requirements of any VoIP system must be checked with each individual VoIP provider.

14. Are free trials normally available?

You need to check with your selected VoIP provider to determine if a free trial is available. Most VoIP providers will provide some kind of free trial or conditional free trial period. If you are dissatisfied for any reason you should returnrepparttar 107974 equipment in their original packing boxes together with all shipping paperwork and packing slips to ensure they will honor their warrantee.

14. Will I be able to use VoIP behind a firewall?

You need to ask your network administrator regarding any special setting that are required to function throughrepparttar 107975 firewall.

15. How can I improverepparttar 107976 sound quality?

* Speak with a headset instead of a microphone. Better still, use a phone with an adaptor. * If you are using a microphone, hold it away fromrepparttar 107977 speakers to avoid havingrepparttar 107978 sound from your speakers recirculate into your microphone causing feedback. * Lowerrepparttar 107979 volume on your speakers. * Check with your sound card manufacturer to be sure you are usingrepparttar 107980 latest drivers. * Use a direct phone jack. A split line or extension cord between your phone jack and computer can distortrepparttar 107981 sound causing an echo.

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