VoIP Communications Set Up Demo With Circuit City's

Written by Nate Perkins, CEO

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The Founder, Chairman and CEO of VoIP Communications, Nate Perkins, says it's close to letting people create their own miniature phone networks as well as a small home business.

RECOMMENDED: By Consumer Guru CLACK HOWARD “Internet Phone Line Save Money” “Good Deals available from Packet8” AJC ( Atlanta Journal & Constitution) 11/20/04 The Videophones allow subscribers to see each other as they speak. The number Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) households is expected to mushroom to 18 million by 2008 as service quality increases, already inexpensive rates continue to drop and more homes get broadband, which VoIP operators usually require.

Mr. Hughes, if you agrees withrepparttar agreements, we will only need a very small area to displayrepparttar 107956 VideoPhones demo. We have enclosedrepparttar 107957 company’s coupon and PRESS RELEASE for your and your staff information. If you need any more information, please call me at 678.565.8633 or email: CEO @ voipcommunications.com


Nate Perkins VoIP Communications

893 Highway 138 W Suites 10. Stockbridge, Georgia 30281 1.866.904.VoIP (8647)


Private Mail Reader

Written by Mark Hendricks

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No spam filters, no ISP blocking - it's a straight communication from you to me.


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