Vitamin Supplements in a Liquid World

Written by David Leonhardt

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"You drink milk, don't you?"

Yeah, but that's because it's liquid. Suddenly I recalled my dream from just last week. Cow after cow heading into a factory on a conveyor belt. At first I though it wasrepparttar Annual Bovine Family Reunion, but onrepparttar 146248 other side ofrepparttar 146249 factory, ridingrepparttar 146250 same conveyor belt, were neatly sealed cartons of milk. Aaargh!

"Squeezed. Like an orange. You drink juice, don't you?"

Yeah...but squeezing a cow?

"Just what do you know about liquid?"

I thought real hard. Everything comes in one of three states: gas, liquid and solid. Gas is likerepparttar 146251 politicians when they are talking. Liquid is likerepparttar 146252 politicians when they are hard at work attending cocktail receptions. Solid is like statues of politicians.

Everything comes in either gas, liquid or solid. That is about all I could remember of my high school chemistry. That, and how to explode a partially dissected frog. No, wait. That wasn't chemistry class. Silly me. Why would we have a partially dissected frog in chemistry class. That was that other class. What was it called, again? Oh yes, "home economics".

"Didrepparttar 146253 frog contain vitamins?"

Not any more.

"Do you think it's easier to pack vitamins into a tiny, hard pill or into a drink?"

I suppose it all depends on what kind of explosive you use. I tried to imagine squeezing a fish into a carton. But fish walking up a conveyor belt seemed just a bit radical ... and even less tasty than freshly squeezed cow. Besides, I might need to buy fishing gear to get my juice fromrepparttar 146254 carton.

"Liquid vitamins are made only from plant ingredients."

That's it. Keep your cow. Keep your fish. Keep your frog...what's left of it. I'm going to for a pure liquid life.

My only question now is: Which one isrepparttar 146255 soap, and which one isrepparttar 146256 hand cream? And which one is my liquid vitamins? I don't want to drinkrepparttar 146257 soap by mistake.

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Add years to your life and save your heart for free

Written by Nicholas Webb

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Inflammation has also been receiving a lot of press coverage as being one ofrepparttar culprits for heart disease, well guess what? HDL is also an anti-inflammatory agent, helping to repair what artery disease. It can also help keep blood clots from blocking arteries.

So now allrepparttar 146247 buzz is onrepparttar 146248 good guy, which unlike LDL, that should be a low as possible;repparttar 146249 higher your level of HDL cholesterolrepparttar 146250 better for your health. So now you can give your health a natural, zero cost boost and reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.

So, what should your HDL cholesterol levels be?

For some time it has been known that people who live into their 90's without evidence of heart disease, typically have very high levels of HDL. You should do your best to get your HDL levels up to at least 60 milligrams; levels below 40 mg for men and 50 mg for women, according torepparttar 146251 most important international health institutions, are associated with an increased risk of heart disease.

Come on over to our site now by selectingrepparttar 146252 link below and find out how to get YOUR levels of HDL up to standard. Donít worry we donít push supplements or pharmaceuticals; we just give yourepparttar 146253 tips you need. the site that tells you how it is, about getting your life back and living it to the full! Articles, tips, advice and the latest news on how to take care of your heart. You can get articles like this in your mailbox each month by submitting to our eZine ďThe Webís HeartĒ at:

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