Vitamin E – Just the Facts, Ma’am

Written by Laura Gray

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The amount of vitamin E you need depends on your age, your weight, andrepparttar problems you are trying to solve or prevent. Remember that supplements should be taken daily, and should be taken with food so that you will receive other nutrients to assist in their assimilation. Keep your supplements in a cool, dark place to protect their potency, and take them as part of your mealtime routine: • To maintain good health, you should take a minimum amount of 200 IUs daily. • To help lower raised cholesterol levels, especially in young adults, take 300 to 600 IUs daily. • For reducing menopausal symptoms, take 400 IUs daily. • To help combat coronary artery disease and poor circulation, take 400 IUs daily. Be Careful: It is important to understandrepparttar 149344 different functions of vitamins if you are going to ingest them separately instead of within a multivitamin whererepparttar 149345 formulation will ensure a proper balance. Inrepparttar 149346 case of vitamin E, there are a variety of concerns of which you should be aware: • Vitamin E should be taken under medical supervision if you are also taking blood-thinning drugs (anticoagulant medication). Vitamin E acts as a blood thinner, too. • Remember that vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin, and since it will be stored inrepparttar 149347 body in fatty tissue, it can reach toxic levels. People who decide to take mega-doses of vitamins and don’t know what they’re doing can suffer from too much of a good thing with this vitamin. If you are taking a multivitamin supplement and a separate vitamin E supplement, make sure you are not taking a toxic dose. Anything over 1200 IUs should not be taken without consulting a health professional. • Be careful if you take iron as well as vitamin E. These two supplements should be taken at different times ofrepparttar 149348 day because iron inrepparttar 149349 form of ferrous sulfate will destroy vitamin E. Organic forms of iron such as ferrous gluconate or ferrous fumarate, however, will not harmrepparttar 149350 vitamin. Readrepparttar 149351 label and make sure you know which form of iron you are taking. • Diabetics, people with overactive thyroids, and those with rheumatic heart diseases should be especially careful not to take more than recommended dosages of vitamin E. • If you suffer from high blood pressure, begin with 200 IUs of vitamin E per day and gradually increaserepparttar 149352 dose over a period of six weeks until you reachrepparttar 149353 desired level. • If you are taking vitamin E, you must also take a minimum dose of zinc as well, and some supplements will includerepparttar 149354 necessary amount of zinc inrepparttar 149355 Vitamin E tablet or capsule. Vitamin E is an important element in our arsenal of disease-battling nutrients, and there is an increasing lack of vitamin E in our diets because of our dependence on processed food andrepparttar 149356 depletion of nutrients inrepparttar 149357 soil. Fortunately, supplements allow us to obtain whatever amount of vitamin E we need to keep us healthy.

Laura Gray is currently freelance writing and enjoys providing tips to consumers about vitamins and multivitamins

Skin-tastic facts!

Written by Audrey King

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Remember, we're talkingrepparttar entire 20 square feet to clean!

~Bathing daily is a misguided myth~ Actually, your skin only needs a thorough washing about three times a week besidesrepparttar 149307 arm pits and genital areas. But, if you must bathe daily, (and you respect others around you) then always, ALWAYS, use a moisturizer afterward. It's best to apply it before you dry off and then pat dry.

Ofcourse, stay away from hot water. Luke warm isrepparttar 149308 best temperature for bathing.

~Don't scratch that itch!~ Insect bites or dry skin can cause minor itching, even nervousness can. Instead of scratching your skin which can rip and tear, keep a small tube of hydrocortizone handy. Apply it as much as possible untilrepparttar 149309 itching ends. Ifrepparttar 149310 itch continues or a rash develops call your doctor.

Ofcourse, signs of itching can mean that your skin is extra dry and you may only need to moisturize (or bathe) more often.

~Hmmm,repparttar 149311 air we breathe~ Environmental causes will also have an affect on skin. Dry air and pet dander are major issues in which some people have to use air purifiers or even medications. (They're not about to give up 'ol Rover!)

Humidifiers are good to use, but be careful of causing mold and mildew in your home.

~Pretty is; pretty does~ Sunscreen should be a part of your daily skin care routine, also. The most expensive brands are sometimesrepparttar 149312 best for added incentives, but no matter what you buy, always use SPF 30+ even under your make up. (Oh, and don't forgetrepparttar 149313 lip balm!)

It really isn't that hard or expensive to have healthy skin. It's just time consuming in finding what's right for you.

Audrey King is a WAHM of four with an informative website called 'Links For Moms' She also, markets bath and body products that are made-to-order at “Our Perfect Scents”

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