Virus of the Mind

Written by Tom Horn

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You see, for each of us there is no inner Self - at least not in our everyday space ime existence. At any given moment, our sense of identity is an illusion. We cannot know who we are for sure, so it is pointless trying to 'find ourselves'. This is because beneathrepparttar mind viruses, which furnish us with an imperfect knowledge ofrepparttar 131435 world and of ourselves, there is onlyrepparttar 131436 ever-changing mystery of pure awareness and intent. The latter are magical emergent qualities that, inrepparttar 131437 course of a life, get paralyzed or channeled into one-sidedness by mind viruses. The great mystics think that it is not practical for us to go on educating ourselves, adding yet more ‘bricks torepparttar 131438 wall’ of our ordinary knowledge,repparttar 131439 better to solve our problems. They know that this only fortifiesrepparttar 131440 mind viruses and these in turn, generate solutions that, inrepparttar 131441 long run, become new problems. In his or her blindness,repparttar 131442 average person callsrepparttar 131443 spectacle of solutions becoming new problems 'the march of civilization' or simply 'progress'. But real seers spotrepparttar 131444 joke and call it what it truly is - an ongoing madness whereby ideal conditions are maintained forrepparttar 131445 replication of genes and mind viruses. Open your eyes and check these things out in your own life andrepparttar 131446 world around. Would it not be better to adopt methods to unlearn what we know in order to loosenrepparttar 131447 grip of our mind viruses and to reinstate our original purified awareness and intent? Instead of reacting to problematical circumstances and coming up with solutions that become new problems, we might then be better placed to createrepparttar 131448 world of our choice. We cannot do without knowledge of some sort, but that which we need is uncommon. It isn’t solely logical or deterministic understanding or yet another mind virus. Rather it has to incorporate a description of reality that engenders faith in a Strategy For Getting Nice Surprises.

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Written by Rinatta Paries

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