Virus Hoaxes

Written by Richard Lowe

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tried Procomm Plus TD and also PC Talk 3. Same results every time. Something was up so I hooked up to my test equipment and different modems (I do research and development for a local computer telecommunications company and have an in-house lab at my disposal). After another hour of corrupted hard drives I found what I think isrepparttar world's worst computer virus yet. The virus distributes itself onrepparttar 132061 modem sub-carrier present in all 2400 baud and up modems. The sub-carrier is used for ROM and register debugging purposes only, and otherwise serves no othr (sp) purpose. The virus sets a bit pattern in one ofrepparttar 132062 internal modem registers, but it seemed to screw uprepparttar 132063 other registers on my USR. A modem that has been "infected" with this virus will then transmit repparttar 132064 virus to other modems that use a subcarrier (I suppose those who use 300 and 1200 baud modems should be immune). The virus then attaches itself to all binary incoming data and infectsrepparttar 132065 host computer's hard disk. The only way to get rid of this virus is to completely reset allrepparttar 132066 modem registers by hand, but I haven't found a way to vaccinate a modem againstrepparttar 132067 virus, but there isrepparttar 132068 possibility of building a subcarrier filter. I am calling on a 1200 baud modem to enter this message, and have advisedrepparttar 132069 sysops of repparttar 132070 two other boards (names withheld). I don't know how this virus originated, but I'm sure it isrepparttar 132071 work of someone in repparttar 132072 computer telecommunications field such as myself. Probably repparttar 132073 best thing to do now is to stick to 1200 baud until we figure this thing out. Mike RoChenle

So what should you do if you receive a warning about some horrible virus? Generally, if these demand to be sent to everyone you know, it's a hoax. If you are unsure, then check outrepparttar 132074 following site:

Symantic Antivirus Research Center -

Go torepparttar 132075 search page and enter a few words fromrepparttar 132076 message claiming to warn you about a horrible virus. Behold, you will now read aboutrepparttar 132077 hoax. In fact, here'srepparttar 132078 datasheet onrepparttar 132079 virus mentioned atrepparttar 132080 start of this article: /wtc.survivor.hoax.html

In any event, hoax or not, it's a good idea to just filerepparttar 132081 email or delete it. Don't send it on to all of your friends. Don't do anything dramatic. These things only gain power when people give them power.

In other words, maintain your reason and don't give in to an emotional response which simply floods email inboxes with junk.

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Super Snooper

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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His characterization of his new job is no doubt due torepparttar horrible security breaches built into Microsoft's products and he relishesrepparttar 132058 challenge of plugging all those many gaping holes.

For my part, I wish him well and hope he succeeds on a grand scale since security of Microsoft products is critical if they gain evenrepparttar 132059 smallest adoption ofrepparttar 132060 .Net Passport system that requires registration of all MSN products users as it is built in to their latest iteration of Windows, Explorer, Outlook Express and required of each ofrepparttar 132061 MSN web services such as hotmail, bCentral small business services and each of their web portals.

I predict, without hesitation, that individual privacy and enterprise network security will berepparttar 132062 blockbuster issues of computing andrepparttar 132063 web inrepparttar 132064 coming year. Super Snooper is, like it or not, going to be snooping and sniffing you, your grandmother, your kids, your neighbor, your friends, your enemies and all our biometrics to compare all that information to profiles of known terrorists. I know, I know, you're very harmless and sweet and innocent and honest and true.

It's those bad guys I'm worried about, so you don't mind if we profile you, right? We won't attach any of that information to your .Net Passport, your medical records or your tax files.

Really! We promise! Super Snooper is only after terrorists. Nobody is interested in all that information we have on you. Betcha it's totally secure too (on Microsoft IIS server soft- ware that is completely patched and impervious to hackers or criminals or even that cybergeek who lives next door.) I know that because Microsoft has a new Security Czar who starts his irresistable job on April Fools Day!

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