Virtual Wrapping Paper and E-Gifts- Is there really an online Santa?

Written by Nimby Simons

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The buyer has their choice of virtual ribbon and wrapping paper which is used to wrap a 3D gift box. Afterrepparttar easy job of personalizing their gift-box and card,repparttar 110051 user simply fills inrepparttar 110052 recipient’s email details includes a brief message andrepparttar 110053 present is on its way. The child gets an email, addressed fromrepparttar 110054 sender’s email address, containing a gift-link. Once this is clicked onrepparttar 110055 child is taken to a special site where they are presented with their card and gift-box. After opening and readingrepparttar 110056 card,repparttar 110057 child is then offeredrepparttar 110058 option of “opening” their e-gift. This causes harps to strum,repparttar 110059 ribbon to gracefully slide offrepparttar 110060 box,repparttar 110061 lid to swing back and balloons to fly out ofrepparttar 110062 box. Springing out ofrepparttar 110063 box then isrepparttar 110064 3D graphical representation ofrepparttar 110065 Kite Capers CD-ROM package. The child is asked if they’d like to download their present, if they do,repparttar 110066 package is then downloaded quickly onto their hard-drive and away they go. The process seems as fun torepparttar 110067 gift-giver as torepparttar 110068 lucky child and provides a wonderful option for those with young relatives they’ll be unable to visit on their birthdays or this Christmas. And much less mess forrepparttar 110069 rest us to clean up. So have a look at Virtual Wrapping Paper and E-Gifts at www.ustargames.comrepparttar 110070 process is free and very easy to trial and you might find yourself sending your first present throughrepparttar 110071 internet.


What is DVD Audio?

Written by Kenny Hemphill

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space can be used to provide audio atrepparttar highest possible quality or for longer recordings, or to provide additional material, such as infromation onrepparttar 110050 artist, photos and even video, all of which can be displaye don a television screen. Alternatively, DVD Audio discs currently onrepparttar 110051 market fromrepparttar 110052 likes ofrepparttar 110053 Warner group of labels haverepparttar 110054 audio content in both DVD Audio format and as Dolby Digital surround so that they can be played back on regular DVD players.

DVD Audio discs are navigable inrepparttar 110055 same way as DVD Video when polayed back on a player connected to a TV set. Users can selectrepparttar 110056 required track from an on-screen menu and with an internet connection, can click on links to go to websites.

These dual format discs are a good way to kick-startrepparttar 110057 market while DVD Audio players are still relativley rare. The market will also be helped by combined DVD Video and Audio players.

Kenny Hemphill is the editor and publisher of The HDTV Tuner

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