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Written by Philip Naudus

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April newsletter. Refer torepparttar end of this article) in "Design Mode." After that, click where you wantrepparttar 134408

feature to go, and select "Pase in HTML" fromrepparttar 134409 "Edit" menu. And Selida doesrepparttar 134410 rest for you. It's that


Your URL will be They do require that you place "This website is being

hosted for free by" somewhere on your site, but this doesn't detract much from your site.

Sign up for FreeWebs' service at You won't

regret it!

#2: Portland

If you desire an easy to use hosting service, Portland Communications isrepparttar 134411 best provider for you. While

FreeWebs provides many attractive services, it seems to forgetrepparttar 134412 "basic necessities." (like being able

to upload more that one file at a time)

Placing second with a hit counter and 15 megabytes of ad-free space, Portland Communications has a few

distinct advantages over FreeWebs.

First, Portland provides a much more favorable URL: It is much easier to

remember, and it even appears that you have your own domain name!

Second, you can upload multiple files at once. FreeWebs only allows you to upload one file at a time,

which I found to be a very tedious process. Portland allows FTP access, which means that you can simply

selectrepparttar 134413 files you wish to upload and return whenrepparttar 134414 process is completed.

Note: FTP may be somewhat tricky forrepparttar 134415 beginner, so you may want to use FreeWebs or Portland, depending

on if you are comfortable with using FTP. I'd suggest trying both of them, and see which on you like

better. If you decide to use Portland, you can purchase a great FTP client (or download a free trial) at If you'd like to use a free FTP

client, you will find one at

If you want to be able to upload your website without a hassle, Portland isrepparttar 134416 hosting provider for you.

Visit and sign up for their free

service. Note: althoughrepparttar 134417 server is inrepparttar 134418 UK, your site will have a ".com" address.

Fast Url

Some ofrepparttar 134419 hosting services mentioned above provide URLs that are hard to remember. Instead of trying to

make your visitors remember such a cumbersome URL, you can get a Fast URL like "" You can

even chose from multiple ".to" addresses. To sign up for this free service, visit,

then click "Web Tools and Services," then click "Fast URL Redirect." You must have a website before you

can sign up for Fast URL.

General Note: When uploading your website, make sure to name your homepage "index.htm" or

"index.html." This is becauserepparttar 134420 only wayrepparttar 134421 server knows which page isrepparttar 134422 homepage is by looking for a

file named "index."

Launching a website isrepparttar 134423 goal,repparttar 134424 dream, andrepparttar 134425 joy atrepparttar 134426 heart of every web developer. It is a

symbol of achievement - a sign of accomplishment. Launching your site enables you to reachrepparttar 134427 world. Few

things can compare withrepparttar 134428 satisfaction received from launching a website. Once you launch your site, it

seems to pay for allrepparttar 134429 time you spent creating it... and makes it all worthwhile. Not only is launching

your site free and rewarding, butrepparttar 134430 feedback received from visitors brings instant gratification. Sign

up for a free web hosting service. I'm sure you won't regret it.

This article is a sequel to "Creating Your Own Website," which can be found at href="" rel="nofollow">

Philip Naudus is currently webmaster of three sites. His newest site is href="" rel="nofollow">, which is made to help webmasters find the best web

design software.

Basics of web hosting and what to look for

Written by Ken Fishman

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How Much Should I Pay

If your reading this article, chances are your just starting out. My suggesting to you would be to spend no more than $15 a month on a basic web hosting plan. You can view some of our basic web hosting providers here.

No need to look for a host that is going to give you 500 MB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth (note: be very careful when a web host says they are giving you unlimited bandwidth, there is a catch and there is a limit). If you are just putting up a basic website than 50 MB of space and 2-3 GB of bandwidth should be enough. Nowadays, some ofrepparttar bigger web host can offer you more space atrepparttar 134407 same price as some of their competitors who offer a lot less space, these arerepparttar 134408 best deals. Reasons for this could be that they are just trying to get more people to sign-up, or they haverepparttar 134409 technology and money to offer these services to you.

Remember, you get what you pay for. Keep in mindrepparttar 134410 3 top services to look for in a web host and you should do fine with finding one that does all this and is less than $15 a month.

Ken Fishman Host Trail

I have been in the industry for more than 4 years and have worked for a web hosting company in the past as their marketing manager.

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