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Written by Richard Lowe

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Free Articles For your Web Site -

There are also many great places to look for ideas for your articles. Just remember that there is content all overrepparttar place - use it to your advantage. Also, remember to stay ethical and honor copyrights at all times.

Writing For The Web More Places to get Ideas

Okay so you've decided on your format and you've got some articles. So put together a nicely formatted ebook with a table of contents. Be sure and include hyperlinks to your web site all over - at least one per page. Also, you can include brief advertisements, links to join your newsletter and all kinds of other things. It's your ebook - do what you want.

However, remember what you are doing is creating something that you want people to put up on their web sites, send to their friends and recommend to everyone. Thus, while you want to promote your stuff, be sure it's valuable enough that people really want it. People don't recommend advertisements - they recommend content.

Now what? Advertiserepparttar 134292 heck out of your new ebook. Post it on your web site, promote it in your ezine and add a link to your email signature. You can sell it if you want - or you can just give it away.

Be sure and give everyone permission to post it, send it, copy it and sell it as much as they want. In fact, you would be wise to makerepparttar 134293 first page totally explain what you are up to. Tell people what they can do withrepparttar 134294 ebook, don't make it a secret.

Give it some time (assuming you've created a worthy ebook) and you may find it spread all overrepparttar 134295 internet. And each and every copy will have your links, your ads and your site mentioned. That can add up to a lot of traffic - for free.

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Love Those Telephone Solicitors!

Written by Mary Wilkey

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Then I asked her how long she'd been surveying people, and she told me, and I said, "You have such a nice speaking voice. You're probably very good at what you do—you know, I just started with a business that could use someone like you—do you have any spare time?"

She said, "Actually, no—that she does this only part time and she has another full time job in advertising/marketing."

I said, "Perfect!"

As it turned out, she just wouldn't let me give her any more info, but isn't this a beautiful way to turn what could be an otherwise unwelcome interruption in your busy day into a potential new member of your marketing force? It also gives me a new "lease on life" regardingrepparttar former barrage of unsolicited calls I receive daily. Now I actually look forward to them as opportunities!

There you have it, folks—a tasty, sweet lemonade from those tart lemons!

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