Viral Marketing Strategies

Written by Robert Kleine

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5. Allow people to add their link to your free web site directory. Just require that they return a link back to your web site, advertising your directory.

6. Allow people to provide your free online service to their web site, visitors, or ezine subscribers. They could be free email, email consulting, search engine submissions, etc.

7. Allow people to give away your free software. Just include your business advertisement insiderepparttar software program.

8. Allow people to give away your free web design graphics, fonts, templates, etc. Just include your ad on them or require people to link directly to your web site.

9. Allow people to place an advertisement in your free ebook if, in exchange, they give awayrepparttar 134256 ebook to their web visitors or ezine subscribers.

10. Allow people to give away your free ebook to their visitors. Then, their visitors will also give it away. This will just continue to spread your ad all overrepparttar 134257 internet.

Robert Kleine is the owner and webmaster of OpportunityKnoxx where you can find thousands of free webmaster resources, free ebooks and software.

Three Steps To Building A 50K Email List In Less Than 90 Days

Written by Melvin Perry

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As soon as you receive your 50 partners that will help promote your email list for you, you will slowly begin to see your list virally grow on its own. Butrepparttar growth that will be taking place is not rapid enough to generaterepparttar 134255 50k subscribers in 90 days. You need to create tremendous momentum inrepparttar 134256 beginning in order to see rapid, exponential growth of your email list. This is where step 3 comes in.

Step 3: The KEY To It All

The last and final step for creating a large email list in a short amount of time isrepparttar 134257 most important step out of allrepparttar 134258 3 steps. In this step, it is crucial that you motivate and train your partners/subscribers to dorepparttar 134259 very same things you are doing to build your email list. Out of allrepparttar 134260 people marketing onrepparttar 134261 internet, less than 3% of them know how to market properly and build a nice subscriber base. The key to getting around this problem is to show themrepparttar 134262 exact steps you took to promote your very own list. This is known as duplication. This concept is so powerful that it isrepparttar 134263 key for experiencing exponential growth with any online business. The reason why most online businesses fail is because they do not know how to train their partners to market effectively online. If you do this, you will gainrepparttar 134264 trust of your partners and you will grow your list exponentially.


Building a 50,000 subscriber opt in email list can take a very long time if you do not know what you are doing. As revealed, you can actually generate a 50k email list in less than 90 days by following steps 1 - 3. Step 1 explains how you must build your list virally by allowing hundreds of other marketers to help you build your list. Step 2 shows you a very easy way to get your first 50 partners/subscribers to help you build your email list for you. This is done through solo email ads. The final and most critical step is to motivate and train your partners to actively dorepparttar 134265 very same steps you are doing to build your email list. If you follow these steps precisely, you will build a 50k subscriber email list in less than 3 months. So you should really start on this as soon as possible. Here is a free resource that will help you get started:


Melvin Perry is an internet entrepreneur whose been marketing online since mid 2002. During his marketing journey online, he has created various ways of sending tons of targeted traffic to websites. To find out more about his traffic generation methods, visit

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