Viral Marketing - Spread the word.

Written by Judy Webb

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Ironically, even without action or direct financial participation, a mental impression can be formed through branding.while no-one will click onrepparttar large billboards that fillrepparttar 105941 landscape,repparttar 105942 memory of it, can prompt future action withrepparttar 105943 sponsor in question. Exposure and impressions have consequences, both on and off line.

Most internet programs including mlm's initiate novices by impressing them to harvest their "circles of influences". This involves such novices telling everyone that they know, and givingrepparttar 105944 product a personal recommendation, or endorsement.

Some insist that a circle of influence strategy could spread repparttar 105945 word to an incredible nine hundred people.

Examples of viral marketing can be seen everywhere: free email addresses, branded software, branded ipods or accessories, bravenet tools, some newsfeeds, syndication and other content, jokes (via email and offline), quotations even, anything that people want for nothing but agree to a link,like phpnuke or WordPress.

Look atrepparttar 105946 Marlboro Cigarettes campaign suggesting saving miles to purchase merchandise. Most items purchased are branded physically or by word-of-mouth, "I got it from Marlboro catalogue by saving miles".

Miles that can only be accumulated by purchasing a pack of their cigarettes.

By offering a simple download with an email or as a bonus to your offer your branded name will become known. For instance you can go here and download a great set of tools that will benefit webmasters at any level. This branded tool will benefit bothrepparttar 105947 consumer andrepparttar 105948 one makingrepparttar 105949 offer.

E Books are invariably information products that can be branded and embedded with affiliate links. These are often given away as free reports, but withrepparttar 105950 firm consciousness that they will be passed on to enhance a viral campaign.

Brand it, and recieve widespread recognition. Embed it with affiliate links, and recieve any associated revenues.

Indeed, affiliation programs could be considered to be viral in nature. Whilerepparttar 105951 new affiliate may not make a sale, they will surely be aware ofrepparttar 105952 product and may even purchase it themselves. This does happen, incidentally.

The most powerful vehicle of a viral marketing strategy is repparttar 105953 one that is carried torepparttar 105954 most valuable target of all; Those that want something, and those that want something else!

Good Luck and happy viral marketing.

Judy Webb is a strategy analyst with If you want a powerful suite of Webmaster tools (which I still use myself), you can download it here Webmaster Tools Download, with my compliments.You may reprint this article if done in total, including this resource box.

How To Produce The PERFECT Viral Ebook

Written by Harvey Segal

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See - that last sentence was an ACTUAL working example of how to weave in a link.

3) Maximum Return For Both Parties

You need to getrepparttar rebranding balance right.

If you give away an ebook and allow allrepparttar 105940 affiliate links to be rebranded that is a great deal forrepparttar 105941 rebrander - but what do you get out of it ? No affiliate commission, just subscribers maybe for your mailing list if you have a sign-up form inrepparttar 105942 book.

Conversely if you hand out only a few affiliate links for rebranding then that provides little incentive forrepparttar 105943 rebrander to distributerepparttar 105944 book.

Ideally what you want isrepparttar 105945 maximum motivation for your rebrander which would be

* to allow free rebranding * to allow ALLrepparttar 105946 links to be rebranded

but in a way that you can still benefit.

Can that be possible ?

Fortunately it is, using any of 3 different methods

* ifrepparttar 105947 links inrepparttar 105948 book are for your own products

* Ifrepparttar 105949 links are for products for which you have resale rights

* Ifrepparttar 105950 links are for 2-tier affiliate programs so that you collectrepparttar 105951 2nd tier commission when a rebrander, who has signed up under you, makes a sale

And so, if you use these techniques you can begin a viral marketing campaign which will continue to generate traffic and sales with little on-going effort on your part.

EXCEPT for two issues we need to resolve

1) What happens if everyone rebrandsrepparttar 105952 book and only makes purchases from their own copy ?

Well, I have found that in practise only a minority (say 10%) will takerepparttar 105953 time to rebrand a book which means thatrepparttar 105954 majority (90%) will be reading your book and purchasing from YOUR links.

So only 10% will be 'lost' to you . . . or are they ?

2) Suppose you plan to produce a viral book. It's about a popular topic - so it's bound to have a wide circulation - but you can't find any ofrepparttar 105955 three types of suitable links to put inrepparttar 105956 book, i.e. links to a product of your own, to products with resale rights or for 2-tier affiliate programs.

Is there a solution ?

Yes - there are answers to both problems in my book "101 SuperTips" - they are actually tips 100 and 101.

As you might expect this book is free, with valuable information linking to highly relevant products, and you can rebrand it, again for free.

By allrepparttar 105957 rules above it's a candidate, I hope you agree, for 'the perfect viral ebook' and a profitable source of revenue for you.

Harvey is the author of several viral ebooks including 101 SuperTips, a collection of unique Internet Marketing tips, which you can collect at As a further example of viral marketing you can reproduce this article and change the URL to point to your own rebranded version.

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