Vinyl Chloride and Angiosarcoma

Written by T.Going

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Scientists have struggled to pinpointrepparttar exact methods by which vinyl chloride causes liver angiosarcoma, but most thought that it was inhaled first, and then transferred intorepparttar 148198 bloodstream whererepparttar 148199 liver attempts to filter it. Whenrepparttar 148200 liver fails to filterrepparttar 148201 chemical, it causes serious mutations torepparttar 148202 liver cells, resulting in angiosarcoma. Likerepparttar 148203 B.G. Goodrich cases, numerous more cases were seen inrepparttar 148204 hairdressing industry. It was later learned that these beauty shop workers used aerosol cans that have vinyl chloride acting as a propellant forrepparttar 148205 spray. As a result,repparttar 148206 government revisedrepparttar 148207 original protective measures to limit vinyl chloride to one ppm per day.

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Conquering The Smoking Habit

Written by Jay Harris

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Some people seem to lose all their energy and drive, wanting only to sleep. Others react in exactlyrepparttar opposite way, becoming so over energized they can't find enough activity to burn off their excess energy. For instance, one woman said she cleaned out all her closets completely and was ready to go next door to start on her neighbor's. Both these extremes, however, eventually level off. The symptoms may be intense for two or three days, but within 10 to 14 days after quitting, most subside. The truth is that after people quit smoking, they have more energy, they generally will need less sleep, and feel better about themselves.

Quitting smoking not only extendsrepparttar 148144 ex-smoker's life, but adds new happiness and meaning to one's current life. Most smokers state that immediately after they quit smoking, they start noticing dramatic differences in their overall health and vitality.

Quitting is beneficial at any age, no matter how long a person has been smoking. The mortality ratio of ex-smoker decreases after quitting. Ifrepparttar 148145 patient quits before a serious disease has developed, his body may eventually be able to restore itself almost completely.

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