Vintage Labels On Marble Tiles

Written by Alicia Tapp

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Alternate wine label images on tumbled marble tiles to create a wine collectors dream environment. Looking for something different? Vintage Veggie, fruit or flower seed packets transferred onto marble for a kitchen backsplash, pantry or garden room. Crazy about pets? Vintage cat and dog food can labels on tiles will complete your pets Bark Avenue suite. A dressing area with old hotel and airline tiles randomly placed on a marble wall as a backdrop for your favorite vintage Louis Vuitton trunk-- ooh la la

There are no limits to your imagination and collection .

Alicia Tapp

We transfer fine art, vintage labels and personal photos onto marble tiles to create a wall mural or backsplash. We have an extensive collection of images on our website, or you can submit your own

Inspecting Your New Home - 17 Areas You Must Inspect Before Taking Possession

Written by Brendon Turner

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  • Basement-should be clean; no cracks inrepparttar walls; a floor drain inrepparttar 146190 lowest part; "healthy" looking wooden joists (a minimum of splitting); instructions and warranty cards for equipment (furnace, heater, HRV, etc.)
  • Doors-must be well-fitted and well-hung; secure locks for outside doors and door stops.
  • Windows-must open smoothly; lockable.
  • Walls-should be smooth and even; no cracks, visible seams or nail-pops; right colour; even paint coverage; no gaps at electrical switches and plugs.
  • Floors-minimum of squeaks and "spring"; smooth seams on carpet and other floor covering; even grouting between ceramic tiles.
  • Plumbing fixtures-no chips or scratches; faucets operating properly; caulking around counter tops and fixtures.
  • Upgrades and options-correct materials and quality; proper installation; right colours.
  • General state of cleanliness-no construction debris; clean heating ducts; etc.

You might want to hire a private building inspector or engineer to conductrepparttar 146191 inspection for you. Look inrepparttar 146192 phone book under Building Inspection Services.

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