Viga Lies Cause Potential Fatalities

Written by Margaret Wommack

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because it can cause a severe drop in blood pressure. Viga, while still containing sildenafil, advertised itself asrepparttar natural alternative to Viagra that wouldn’t cause these side effects, while knowing that it would. They hoped to make a profit off of those who couldn’t take Viagra by lying and committing illegal acts. When they were caught, Viga recalledrepparttar 148811 drug saying thatrepparttar 148812 “potential for this product to be taken by unknowing nitrate users is real, since erectile dysfunction is often a concurrent condition in patients with diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, smokers, and patients with ischemic heart disease.”

They knowingly and negligently caused great injury andrepparttar 148813 potential for even greater injury and should payrepparttar 148814 price for their inhumane desire for money which overrode their obligation to obeyrepparttar 148815 law and protect their patients’ health and well-being. If you or a loved on has been affected by Viga, you haverepparttar 148816 right to pursue a lawsuit to be compensated financially for your pain and losses.


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Thimerosal: Autism and Mercury Poisoning Side Effects?

Written by Margaret Wommack

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The continued use of mercury based preservatives in vaccines is dangerous and drug companies know it. However, instead of removingrepparttar mercury, some have used 30 to 50 times as much asrepparttar 148810 EPA set forrepparttar 148811 highest limit. It is especially dangerous torepparttar 148812 developing brain of a child, and in 22 yearsrepparttar 148813 number of children diagnosed with autism (which has been shown to reflect amounts of mercury preservatives in vaccines given inrepparttar 148814 first 18 months of life) rose from 1 autistic child out of every 10,000 to 1 autistic child out of every 250. Eli Lilly,repparttar 148815 manufacturer of Thimerosal, has been taken to trial with hundreds of lawsuits. If your child has mercury induced autism, you could be entitled to pursue a lawsuit. Find a medical malpractice lawyer who can help you. GA

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