Video Poker - Play Maximum Coins?

Written by Tom McBroom

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However, if you betrepparttar maximum of five coins,repparttar 138588 royal flush will usually pay 5,000 instead ofrepparttar 138589 proportional odds payout of 1,000. This is a huge advantage if you do hit a royal flush and you will certainly kick yourself allrepparttar 138590 way home if you only have one coin bet.

However,repparttar 138591 odds of hitting a royal flush are over 600,000 to one! So do you feel lucky? You're essentially faced withrepparttar 138592 decision of whether to spend your money atrepparttar 138593 much faster rate of five coins per hand in order to collect a large payday if you do beatrepparttar 138594 odds and draw a royal.

Only you can decide how much risk you want to assume.

Good luck!

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Permanent markers can destroy your white board! Until Now!

Written by F. Glen Ferguson

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One day I was shownrepparttar secret. The person that showed me, sharedrepparttar 138517 following story:

While working with a bunch of teenagers he was surprised when a couple of them started to draw on his white board with permanent black markers. Class had to start and there wasn’t another white board so he gave his class writing with his dry-markers right overrepparttar 138518 drawings.

Afterrepparttar 138519 class he was looking atrepparttar 138520 white board knowing how much work he was in for. He started erasingrepparttar 138521 dry-marker. When he noticed that everywhere thatrepparttar 138522 dry-marker crossedrepparttar 138523 permanent markerrepparttar 138524 permanent marker line was gone. He tried it again. Using his dry-marker he went overrepparttar 138525 permanent mark line and whenrepparttar 138526 erasedrepparttar 138527 dry-markerrepparttar 138528 permanent marker was gone.

I could wait to try it and it worked. Using any dry-marker go overrepparttar 138529 permanent marker then erase.

Oh,repparttar 138530 consultant that saw me usingrepparttar 138531 permanent marker was also amazed when I removed them. He couldn’t wait to show everyone in his office.

Glen Ferguson - Trainer's Workbench

F. Glen Ferguson has been a trainig supervisor for a large chemical company for 18 year and can be found at

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