Video Email…the new way to communicate.

Written by Terry Till

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Also in a quest to keep atrepparttar sharp end of innovationrepparttar 141006 company has now also made availablerepparttar 141007 group video conferencing software which allows multiple users to communicate with each other by video connection and thus enable people from all aroundrepparttar 141008 world to now not only talk to each other but see each other in a group environment. As a means of Internet marketing this now really does giverepparttar 141009 individual online businessperson a real advantage to convey their business torepparttar 141010 mass audience aroundrepparttar 141011 world and never has there been such a fantastic opportunity to build a business by talking face to face with prospects and established business associates.

This truly does mean thatrepparttar 141012 phrase “isn’t it a small world” is becoming more and more of a reality for us all.

Should I Use Pop-Up Ads?

Written by Ronald Vyhmeister

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What about retention of ad content? Common sense tells us that ads that are most visible will be remembered. However, deeper consideration of web advertising reveals that while pop-up ads are more interruptive than in-line ads, requiring a user to act to remove them, they appear onrepparttar screen for a shorter time period because users tend to close them immediately. In-line ads remain visible for a much longer period, and users are thus more likely to see them in their peripheral vision. It is expected that this longer time will increase user retention ofrepparttar 140948 ad content.

Some Internet service providers and highly trafficked Web sites have decided to discontinuerepparttar 140949 use of intrusive advertising. Both AOL Time Warner and Microsoft announced in October 2002 that they would eliminaterepparttar 140950 majority of pop-up ads on their Internet services in response to rising complaints from users. In their eyes,repparttar 140951 loss of advertising dollars is worthrepparttar 140952 boost in public image as a result ofrepparttar 140953 policy change.

Also you should consider that online consumers haverepparttar 140954 option to eliminate pop-up ads using a number of methods, such as free, third-party pop-up killing (PUK) software and toolbars that stop unwanted browser windows.

If you still want to use pop up ads on your website here are some recommendations: 1) Never use more than one pop-up per visitor. 2) Use a pop-up when your visitor is leaving your website, not when he has just entered and is trying to see what you have to offer. 3) Use pop-ups only for special purposes such as to remind your visitors to subscribe to your ezine, offer a free download or a free course by autoresponder.

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