Video Biographies; Why Hire a Professional?

Written by Jay Corrao – Copyright 2005

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You’re Audience Who isrepparttar desired audience for your project? Is it close friends or relatives, will your Piece de Résistance be passed down to future generations for their viewing pleasure? Sometimes these questions must be answered before any other considerations because they may determine what kinds of stories and how much detail you will add.

The Delivery Method For many years VHS tape wasrepparttar 147034 standard for viewing video at home. However DVD is nowrepparttar 147035 medium of choice for many reasons. On screen menus and chapters that allow for much easier navigation, superior audio and video quality, and longevity are just a few reasons DVD has become so very popular. Howeverrepparttar 147036 internet has also become a viable means of delivering video. If you have a personal website then family and friends aroundrepparttar 147037 globe can access your video as soon as it is posted.

All ofrepparttar 147038 points above require serious consideration and expertise. A professional video biographer can help you answer these questions and more. They can keep you on task, help you stay focused, and craft your project into a meaningful video biography that will be cherished by family and friends now as well as future generations to come.

Jay Corrao is the founder and president of Memory Archivers, a video production company based in Apple Valley Minnesota. His company specializes in wedding and event videograpy, video biographies, and consumer digital archiving.

The Dreaded Paper Label - Should it be Used?

Written by Adam Platzer

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What arerepparttar other options for labeling disc?

1) Screen Printing – The process of applying UV inks in a variety of patterns and colors torepparttar 146253 lacquer surface of a CD/DVD. Volumes of 500 pieces or larger are typically best suited for screen printing. 2) Thermal Printing – The process of applying text and graphics torepparttar 146254 surface of a CD/DVD by means of a wax-based ribbon. This type of printing is typically utilized on smaller run jobs (below 500) that do not require complete coverage ofrepparttar 146255 media’s surface.

Both screen printing and thermal printing will give your CDs/DVDs a professional look without risking damage torepparttar 146256 media. For more information on this types of printing go to

Article by: Adam Platzer Spinergy CD Replication, CD Duplication, DVD Replication, DVD Duplication, CD Screen Printing Phone: 800-333-1328

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