Victorian Ceramic Fairings

Written by Andy Graham

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Although they are often assumed to be British due torepparttar typically English humour they were in fact mainly made in Germany, in particular by a company called Conta & Boehme. Conta & Boehme, Pössneck in Saxony exported in vast quantities torepparttar 116226 United Kingdom, USA and other countries. They were established in 1790 and exhibited at a number of key events throughrepparttar 116227 19th century: ·Melbourne (Australia) exhibition in 1880 ·The Great Exhibition in Hyde Park, UK in 1851 To identify Conta & Boehme fairings look for a shield shaped mark that contains a small arm holding a dagger impressed onrepparttar 116228 base. This mark is usually found with an impressed 4 digit number ranging fromrepparttar 116229 first series 2850 to 2899, andrepparttar 116230 second series 3301 torepparttar 116231 3380s.

Victorian fairings capturerepparttar 116232 humour of 19th century Europe whether it is risqué, political or just plain funny. They are an up and coming area forrepparttar 116233 collector with prices having risen overrepparttar 116234 last few years as their popularity grows.

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Simple steps to build a Tabletop Water Fountain

Written by Rachel Paul

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Steps: 1. Placerepparttar decorative slate or tile onrepparttar 116225 table. Placerepparttar 116226 bowl onrepparttar 116227 slate or tile.

2. Placerepparttar 116228 pump atrepparttar 116229 bottom ofrepparttar 116230 bowl, taking care to seerepparttar 116231 cord is draped torepparttar 116232 back ofrepparttar 116233 container. Use suction cups to makerepparttar 116234 pump stick torepparttar 116235 bottom ofrepparttar 116236 container. Add tap water to more than coverrepparttar 116237 intake value [2” minimum]. Plugrepparttar 116238 pump intorepparttar 116239 electric outlet. (It is advisable to test outrepparttar 116240 pump in a bucket or sink before placing it inrepparttar 116241 container.) Unplugrepparttar 116242 pump to adjustrepparttar 116243 water flow, if needed.

3. Cutrepparttar 116244 tubing length to fit your container and design. Fit one end ofrepparttar 116245 tubing torepparttar 116246 pump spout. Place larger rocks to coverrepparttar 116247 pump and fillrepparttar 116248 bottom ofrepparttar 116249 container.

4. Arrangerepparttar 116250 smaller rocks and tiles /slate /driftwood by stacking them so as to create a diverse and irregular path forrepparttar 116251 water flow. You can reducerepparttar 116252 water flow from a geyser to a gurgle by coveringrepparttar 116253 open end ofrepparttar 116254 tube with tumbled glass.

5. Plug inrepparttar 116255 pump, adjustrepparttar 116256 water volume and stones as needed to producerepparttar 116257 sound that appeals most to your ears.

6. Suction excess water fromrepparttar 116258 container with a turkey baster.

7. Place figurines, plant cuttings, ivy, moss, shells or tiles to hiderepparttar 116259 tubing and electric cord.

8. Place a candle in a candleholder besiderepparttar 116260 fountain,repparttar 116261 light fromrepparttar 116262 candle will glisten onrepparttar 116263 water and reflect its light ontorepparttar 116264 fountain arrangement.

Maintenance tips:

Check water level daily forrepparttar 116265 first week, adding fresh water as needed to keeprepparttar 116266 pump completely covered. Add a small amount of bleach or petri oil torepparttar 116267 water to cleanserepparttar 116268 fountain and keeprepparttar 116269 water shimmering. Cleanrepparttar 116270 fountain components every month to remove slime and algae. Every three months, take fountain apart and cleanrepparttar 116271 pump. Pull offrepparttar 116272 front cover, remove debris from propeller and screen, and wiperepparttar 116273 bottom. Reassemble your fountain, experimenting with a different bowl and accents.

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