Verizon Missing Out on Customers by not Allowing Third Party Content

Written by Anthony Wayne

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According torepparttar Cool Ringtones Blog (, a blog site that reports onrepparttar 147554 mobile ringtone industry, long time ringtone provider Ringingphone ( is now providing ringtones and cellular wallpapers to Verizon customers. It is believed that this isrepparttar 147555 first instance where an independent ringtone provider has begun selling ringtones and wallpapers to Verizon customers.

Perhapsrepparttar 147556 walled garden has already crashed down.

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Anthony Wayne is an editor for the Cool Ringtones Blog ( When not adding ringtones to his cell phone, he is probably playing the drums.

Cordless Phone Systems

Written by Jason Morris

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Cordless phone systems can be integrated into existing office phone systems. Overrepparttar past few years,repparttar 147334 development of new technology has made it possible for some cordless phone systems to be integrated into already existing office phone systems. Enabling companies to take full advantage of allrepparttar 147335 features and benefits that come with cordless phone systems, without sufferingrepparttar 147336 cost and upset arising fromrepparttar 147337 implementation of a new full office phone system.

Put simply, cordless phone systems allow you to wander freely around your business environment, withoutrepparttar 147338 fear of missing an important call or losing vital new business. They are truly wonderful pieces of equipment and can only enhancerepparttar 147339 profitability of any small business.

Jason Morris is co-author, search engine optimization and marketing consultant of Business Phone Systems Direct. Specialists in the supply and installation of business phone systems and accessories

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