Venus - The Planet of Love

Written by Lynda Filer

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You want a partner that you can be truly proud of and one that will never embarrass you or show you up. Your ideals and expectations are high but you return these qualities in kind. Self sufficient, you would rather be single than settle for second best.

Venus in Libra

With Venus in Libra we find a charming and sociable personality that loves to be in love. Libra has an innate appreciation for beauty and harmony, and often has no problem attracting partners with their alluring and seductive charm.

A peaceful and harmonious environment is essential to people with this placement in their chart, as discord in relationships upset them greatly and could lead to nervous problems. You are an old fashioned romantic who loves to woo and be wooed and are apt to fall in and out of love rather quickly especially when younger.

You are a kind, and at times intuitive partner; able to empathize with your loved ones and willing to do all that you can to help and nurture your partner when necessary. Although your feelings are at times easily hurt you rarely hold any rancor as you instinctively realize that this will only bring more upset to your finely balanced need for harmony.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio brings an extreme intensity to romantic relationships. You are an all or nothing person. You demand and expect deep and total commitment from your partner, but return this in kind. You may have problems with feelings of jealousy and possessiveness. You may also find that a lot of partners will have problems in dealing with your need to feel in control.

Although you have a tendency to throw yourself wholeheartedly into your romantic affairs, you are always aware of your need to project yourself as being in control and of maintaining your dignity. Scorpio is often referred to asrepparttar ruler of sex and you are sure to have a personal magnetism that draws others to you.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius shows itself in a friendly, outgoing and freedom loving nature. You need your space, and relationships that move forward too quickly and intensely make you feel nervous and hemmed in.

You can come across as being rather carefree and disinterested in serious relationships. This is more likely to be a case of your not having yet met someone with whom you feel you can share your ideals and heart with but allows yourepparttar 122439 freedom to come and go as you please. Sagittarius is an honest and open sign and deep friendship is oftenrepparttar 122440 basis of any serious relationship that does develop.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus in Capricorn brings a solid, dependable and reliable nature when it comes to romance. You may be afraid of showing your true feelings and are unlikely to be overly demonstrative in public. This does not mean that you do not feel deeply or get emotional whenrepparttar 122441 occasion warrants it. It is just in your nature to keep such things to yourself or to only share them with those that have earned your respect and trust. Capricorns are often extremely career orientated and it may be that they find true love somehow connected through their work. You seek a partner that you can respect and that hasrepparttar 122442 same high ambitions and ideals as you yourself do.

Venus in Aquarius

With Venus in Aquarius you are likely to be extremely reluctant to tie yourself down to a committed relationship. You have a need for personal freedom andrepparttar 122443 idea of having to take another persons opinions and point of view into consideration is not something that sits very comfortably with you.

You are highly individualistic and may even have what others consider extreme or unusual ideas on relationships and what makes them work. Aquarius is a sociable and friendly sign and in any romance it will be necessary for your partner to be your friend, first and foremost.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces shows itself in a personality that is compassionate and empathetic. You have an affinity and need to help those that are less fortunate than you. Unfortunately this can at times lead to your being taken advantage of by less scrupulous people.

Romance is very important to you and you are a hopeless romantic at heart. When you do form a relationship with someone you are likely to fall for him or her quickly and to become emotionally dependent and reliant on them. You are searching for your soul mate and will not feel satisfied within yourself until you have found your other,repparttar 122444 one that you feel you can share yourself totally with. This placement also gives you a deep appreciation for art music and other aesthetic values; you may even be quite talented yourself.

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Written by Stephanie Pflumm

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Today Topaz is honored asrepparttar state gemstone in Texas and Utah. Blue Topaz is recognized as a fourth anniversary gift - Imperial Topaz forrepparttar 122438 23rd anniversary. It is also one ofrepparttar 122439 birthstones listed for November.

If you are on a journey of spiritual change, Topaz makes an excellent companion. It teaches you to trust inrepparttar 122440 Universe to guide and provide. Aiding you in fully recognizingrepparttar 122441 magical laws of attraction and manifestation and your ability to manipulate them. Meditations with a stone will help awaken your sleeping gifts and illuminate your co-creative energies.

The crystal helps you become more aware of your personal world, andrepparttar 122442 power you have to bring about positive changes. It strengthens your confidence to make decisions that are correct for you, giving yourepparttar 122443 fire and motivation you need to follow through on your choices. Work with Topaz to make your dreams your reality.

Artists may be attracted torepparttar 122444 gemstone because it promotes your individual creativity. Stimulating you creative energies like a Muse, lifting your art to new levels. The crystal can be used as an energy battery when your demanding schedule threatens to overwhelm your day. Carrying a stone during those crazy days will help you stay mentally alert, while protecting you from unseen dangers that could thwart more than just your next appointment.

The color of your crystal has some impact onrepparttar 122445 energies it can bring. Here is a brief list of additional qualities you'll find in different Topaz. Always be open to what you feel or hear from your own stones as well. You may find Topaz assists you in ways not mentioned in this or any other article. Honor and accept that. Clear Topaz: This is a stone of confidence. Giving extra strength to be yourself, unafraid to creatively expressrepparttar 122446 beautiful voicerepparttar 122447 Universe gave you. Helps stimulate natural gifts.

Blue Topaz: Works with your Throat Chakra allowing you to voicerepparttar 122448 perfect words for bringing your desires and dreams into reality. Unites body, mind and spirit withrepparttar 122449 Universal All.

Imperial Topaz: A stone of Fire, burning withrepparttar 122450 energies of Grandfather Sun. This isrepparttar 122451 stone that will see your goals through, never allowing your confidence to waver, your motivation to fail. Userepparttar 122452 crystal for a quick charge when your battery is low. Stimulatesrepparttar 122453 first three Chakra, opensrepparttar 122454 Crown.

Rose Topaz: Openingrepparttar 122455 base Chakra and stimulatingrepparttar 122456 Kundalini - this crystal is great for balancingrepparttar 122457 exhausting energies of passion and power. If you are quick to anger, carrying a rosey gemstone may help you temper and channel your anger into productive resolutions instead of fights.

Healing traditions for Topaz still recommendrepparttar 122458 crystal for relief from asthma and digestive problems. Patients undergoing long convalescence may userepparttar 122459 stone to improve stamina, helpingrepparttar 122460 body recover from its inactivity. It should help with insomnia by warding off nightmares, unproductive thoughts and allowing you to relax. It may promoterepparttar 122461 healing of wounds, strengthen your back and spinal cord and possibly aid in weight loss by raising your metabolism.

Stephanie Pflumm is the editor and publisher of the monthly ezine ORE FEATURES. Each issue uncovers the geology, magical history and healing features of a different stone. Pflumm also owns the website

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