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With Vendio Web Hosting, we are extending Vendio's services to meetrepparttar growing demands of online merchants and all individuals and businesses who require an affordable and trusted partner to host their online presence, content or service."

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The Importance of Website Statistics

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You may be interested in knowing what type of browser your visitors are using. Awstats also tells you that. Another great thing about looking at your stats is that you realize which linking partners arerepparttar most valuable. This can help you decide which sites to try and obtain links from inrepparttar 150545 future. A well placed link can bring you a few hundred extra hits a month. One ofrepparttar 150546 most important things you should be able to see from any statistics program isrepparttar 150547 amount of pages thatrepparttar 150548 search engine spiders are traveling down your website. If they've stopped visiting your site, it may be an indication that something is very wrong. You don't want to get caught off guard one day and find out your site has completely disappeared fromrepparttar 150549 search engines.

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