Vacation Break for Electrical Machines

Written by Thomas Yoon

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Magnetic circuit breakers make use ofrepparttar field strength of magnetic coils to trip a latch that will then open uprepparttar 133372 contacts ofrepparttar 133373 circuit breaker. This method is used for high current faults, like in a short circuit. This method is designed to trip instantly.

A thermal-magnetic circuit breaker incorporates both a thermal strip and a magnetic coil. This type of circuit breaker is able to protect against momentary overloads as well as high or short circuit current faults.

What happens ifrepparttar 133374 circuit breaker is placed in a high temperature environment? The thermal bimetallic strip bends on high temperature. In this case,repparttar 133375 current is not causingrepparttar 133376 high temperature inrepparttar 133377 bimetallic strip, butrepparttar 133378 ambient air is! The current may still be belowrepparttar 133379 safe operating rated value forrepparttar 133380 motor.

In this case, a compensating bimetallic strip may be incorporated intorepparttar 133381 circuit breaker to eliminate this type of error. These circuit breakers are often used in hot areas like furnace, oven, and boiler rooms.

Circuit breakers can be reset very quickly, once they have tripped. Can your break or vacation be reset very quickly too? Don't reset. Take a long break!

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Expert Guide to Sony's HDV camcorder

Written by Kenny Hemphill

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There is another important difference too. Hollywood HD is uncompressed, whereasrepparttar video shot by cameras like this Sony HD camcorder is compressed as MPEG-2. This compression inevitably lowersrepparttar 133371 quality ofrepparttar 133372 video stored onrepparttar 133373 cameraís DV tape. However, itís necessary becauserepparttar 133374 HDR-FX1 connects to a computer using a FireWire cable and FireWire, whether it isrepparttar 133375 400 or 800 variety, doesnít haverepparttar 133376 bandwidth to transfer uncompressed HD footage. Even if it did,repparttar 133377 sheer size ofrepparttar 133378 files would make it impractical because ofrepparttar 133379 large amoount of hard disk space needed to store it andrepparttar 133380 processing power needed to edit it.

Another fly in th HD ointment is that, currently, very few applications are able to editrepparttar 133381 footage from this Sony HD camcorder. However, that looks set to change,as Apple has already announced thatrepparttar 133382 next version of its Final Cut Express and iMovie applications, due atrepparttar 133383 end of January, will be able to edit HD.

HD video will eventually become a common consumer format, when prices come down and editing software is able to work with it. However, until a compression format is found that can squeezerepparttar 133384 data contained in HD without noticeably reducingrepparttar 133385 quality, there will be little benefit over current DV format camcorders.

Kenny Hemphill is the editor and publisher ofThe HDTV Tuner - a guide to th kit, the technology and the programming on HDTV.

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