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Press Secretary for “The Quipping Queen”, Count Guidobaldo Le Touquet, indicated that “oodles of Boffos and Bling Blingers, Joy-Riding Jokesters and Happy–Go-Lucky Hoodwinkers, plus an assortment of Goofy Goddesses, Moxie Mavens and Spunky Sprites will have a jolly good time on this auspicious occasion!”

Dr. Thor Trewoofe, Professor Emeritus of Laughing Matters, recommended that “those with light heads and light hearts wear fanciful fool’s caps and dazzling dunce hats so as to distinguish themselves from marginally merry souls if notrepparttar mirth-challenged mortarboard members of Victoria’s three esteemed Ivory Tower Institutes of Inklings.”

For just $5 plusrepparttar 118073 cost of a barmy beverage (with a very long, impressive, foreign-sounding name) or a smashing snack (with a short but incredibly snooty menu label), fools may rush in and enjoyrepparttar 118074 high jinks, tacky treats, and piffling prizes as well as applaudrepparttar 118075 winners of some very incredulous achievements.

Date: Friday, April 1, 2005 (April Fools' Day)

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Place: James Bay Coffee & Books 143 Menzies Street Victoria, British Columbia* (Canada)


* Inrepparttar 118076 heart of beautiful downtown Victoria, British Columbia conveniently situated not far fromrepparttar 118077 major Inner Harbor tourist attraction, a delightfully decorated Pecksniffian playground, known affectionately asrepparttar 118078 Provincial Legislature.

NOTE: Lollygagging-lifestyle and levity-focused folk wishing to know more about “The Quipping Queen", (awarded top honors as ‘best of breed’ humor blog in 2004 by and are cordially invited to visitrepparttar 118079 virtual vanity chest of chortles, guffaws, and shenanigans at and our brand-new online giggle gallery at

Victoria Elizabeth, a notorious Lady of Leisure who enjoys lollygagging about in the ludicrous if not loopy lane of life when she's not busy keeping her quibbling quidnuncs and constipated courtiers in line over at The Quipping Queen --

Sensational new evidence proving origins of Teddy Boys

Written by malcolm james pugh

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Billy Fury, as youve never seen him before,repparttar English Teddy answer to Elvis bear. Seen here its obvious he was a teddy bear, no question.

Look at this picture and dispel all doubts this is how real Teddy Boy gangs looked, notrepparttar 118072 pale imitations that followed. These intimidate by a mere glance, and these were taken before they started drinking, and bear jiving.

Can you imagine this is notrepparttar 118073 godfather of all rock and roll, Teddy Boy supreme yes, Chuck "cool" Berry.

look at these later imitations below and judge for yourself.

I rest my case,repparttar 118074 top ones are incontrovertibly true pictures showingrepparttar 118075 real Teddy Boys were, originally, actually Teddy Bears, whereas these are obviously doctored digital reproductions.

There was even a group calledrepparttar 118076 Teddy Bears.

Elvis sang I just want to be your teddy bear, not I just want to be your rock and roll dude.

These coded messages tellrepparttar 118077 true incredible story behindrepparttar 118078 myths, of which even Von Daniken would be proud,

Teddy Boys were originally Teddy Bears.

ex systems programmer, slightly deranged.

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